HABITAT Prints of Passion

The colors, furniture and collections that fill a room reveal something about the people who live there. Suzanne Dungan, a home furnishings fabric designer, infuses her Oak Cliff home with her passion for Mexico. Her South of the Border inspiration spills over onto everything she touches, turning her walls, table tops and decorative accessories into a cultural celebration. Dungan’s fascination with the layers of imagery that permeate Mexican life inspired the designs for her Arte Popular Collection of home fabrics. Here, her living room is decked out in her Virgin’s Cape (shown on the corner altar), Las Cruces II (covering the throw pillows on the chairs), Cactus Flower (covering the chairs), Serpentine (also used on the altar) and Mexican Marigold (covering the sofa) designs. Printed on cotton, linen and silk in natural and fiesta colors, her designs (ranging from $64 to $88 per yard) are available through interior designers at Hargett Associates in Dallas.


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