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By Spencer Michlin |

PEOPLEWhere’s Wes? The question was heard a couple of times during coverage of the recent elections. The reference, of course, was to WES WISE,the erstwhile Channel 4 sportscaster who went on to serve as city councilman (1969-71 and 1981-83) and mayor (1971-76).

The low-profile Wise, who describes himself as semiretired and “keeping out of trouble” in his White Rock-area home, went uncharacteristically public in November, turning up as a radio contest prize. As the climax of his series of “Dallas Spirit Reports,” which aired three times a day on geriatric-rock station KAAM in observation of the city’s 150th birthday, the former mayor escorted a pair of contest winners on a limousine tour of Dallas. The stops: “The Hall of State, Old City Park, Turtle Creek, The Sixth Floor (the former Texas School Book Depository) and a whole lot of museums.” Wise says.

Apparently the reports, which Wise adapted from ALLISON CHENEY’Spolitical history of Dallas, were a hit, and the winners loved the inside-scoop tour from one of Dallas’ best-liked mayors. According to KAAM General Manager TOM GLADE,“Wes made a valuable contribution to the station and the city. We plan to have him back in ’92.”