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By D Magazine |

That SMU president A. KENNETH PYE, when asked if he was upset that Money magazine left his school off its list of the 100 best deals in the U.S., sarcastically replied, “These were the people who [rated] Lubbock one of the best places to live in America”. . .that the DIXIE CHICKS, a.k.a. America’s Girl Group, added a musical touch to the inaugural love feast for new mayor STEVE BARTLETT, altering a lyric thusly: “There’s a fellow and he lives next door/He’s my mayor and I love him so!”.. .that one writer for the new Dallas Free Press, which promises “News With an Attitude,” suffered attitudinal angst when the check for a debut story bounced. . .that artist DAN RIZZIE has been spending lots of time on the West Coast lately with JAN HOOKS, ex-“Saturday Night Live” star and now with the cast of “Designing Women”.. .that North Park developer ray nashe RAY NASHER has been dating alleged comedian JOAN RIVERS.