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Start the year off right by dining on heart-healthy cuisine at The Colonnade restaurant on the Aerobics Center campus. Open to the public, The Colonnade emphasizes light recipes by chef Keith Nally-a few of the dishes are even used as part of the Cooper live-in behavior modification program. This might be a good place to hang out after the gastronomic excesses of the holidays. 12200 Preston Road, 386-0306.


people “The last thing Dallas needs is another restaurant. I want this to be different.” In the early ’80s, Jerusalem-born Avner Samuel was executive chef of the Mansion on Turtle Creek and one of the originators of Southwestern cuisine. In 1985 he moved to the Crescent Court as executive chef but after a fallout with management he went on to the Fairmont Hotel. After that it was London, then Hong Kong. But Avner got homesick and he’s back, this time with his own restaurant named appropriately, Avner’s. It’s a bright, cheerful place where he and his wife Amy call all the shots, and they are making it different. Avner’s food has whimsical titles and the selections change daily, so the customer gets to take the menu home. Best of all, prices are reasonable for food of this quality, with entrees ranging from $10 to $15. “Here I can cook anything I want to cook,” says Avner. “It’s great.” -Mary Brown Malouf

Post-rodeo Revelry

On The Road Cowtown becomes Nowtown in January, when all roads lead to Fort Worth’s heart-of-Texas Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. Along with the get-down doings of livestock judging and rodeoing, a day trip to sample the festivities offers a fine chance to check out the city’s livelier food-and-frolic pulse points.

Downtown’s Sundance Square and the far West Side are the best known, but for all-around, good-natured good timing, a place called Jazz Cafe conies closest to offering the Deep Ellum-style ambience Dallas revelers love. Situated just south of downtown, the cafe occupies a restored, old brick building on West Magnolia. The decor’s eclectic-immaculate fern bar crossed with friendly funk. It’s also filled with an amazing variety of good food smells-it takes three menus to cover this kitchen’s bases, which range from breakfast (biscuits and gravy, huge muffins, eggs Benedict) to lunch (delitype sandwiches, burgers, salads, plus a raft of Middle Eastern vegetarian dishes and pizzas) to dinner. What else? Well, there’s live jazz on weekends for a little post-rodeo R and R. 715 W. Magnolia, off Hemphill. (817) 926-7000. -Betty Cook

Late Night Tex-Mex

DISCOVERIES As in the song lyrics, you’d meet this place on the street and never notice it-Cuquita’s is humbly situated on North Henderson’s Hispanic strip, with nothing much to recommend it from the outside. But listen, walk in the front door, and you’ve come home to fresh-Mex hospitality. Besides a spice-hot salsa and stove-hot tortilla chips, meals here start with a complimentary serving of guacamole, brought to the table in the black stone molcajete in which the ripe avocado has just been ground to a chunky paste. Tortillas are homemade, as was everything else we tried. A richly seasoned guiso heaped the bowl with vegetables and lean on-the-bone beef and was properly sided with rice, choppedonion and jalapenos. Gorditas wereplump little masa cakes abundantly filledwith cheese and minced pork, sharingthe plate with fine refried beans and rice.A chile relleno was particularlyoutstanding, the monster pepper fairlybursting with cheese, chicken and spicyflavor, gently fried. Service is exactlyright for the place, cordial enough tounderscore the homey ambience,circumspect enough to qualify as pressure-free professional. Cuquita’s servesany-time breakfast, too, and stays openlate to do it-until 3 a.m. on week-nights and 4 a.m. on weekends. 2326 N.Henderson, 823-0913. -B.C.



Any Texan can tell you a foreigner Is somebody who thinks “chicken-fried” Is a word Inversion. But, to brought-up-here natives, It’s manna from the gods. Some examples you may not have sampled:

Celebration double-dips a seasoned, cubed cutlet In flour, then egg and buttermilk before flash-frying. A dash of garlic is involved. $5.95 at lunch with three sides, $7.25 at dinner for the whole all-you-can-eat works. 4503 W. Lovers Lane. 351-5681.

Claras Kitchen with a cut of round steak, gilds each generous piece with Clara’s own batter (the seasoning’s a secret), then fries it crisp. $2.65, served cafeteria-style. 3126 Grand. 428-3118.

Gennie’s Bishop Grill’s chicken-fried is as famous as her lofty rolls-you get both with one vegetable for $3.80; add 25 cents for each additional vegetable. But go early-last time I called, they’d run out of food and had to close early. 321 North Bishop. 946-1752.

Ruby’s Greenville Avenue Cafe puts an uptown twist on some dishes, but this newcomer’s CFS is classic, hand-tenderized and tenderly handled right down to seasoned cream gravy. $7.95 with vegetables. 1916 Greenville Avenue. 826-4910.

Starlight Diner’speppery gravy payscreamy complimentsto its made-from-scratch version, alongwith the skins-onmashed potatoes thatunderscore the homeycomfort of the dish.$5.95. 2715 Elm.747-7827. -B.C.


Classical Eats

CAFE GREEK About the only way a Greek restaurant can transcend its genre (besides offering a floor show) is to serve dishes that rise above the same classics served elsewhere or to mix in a complement of some other close-cousin cuisine. Cafe Greek does both, offering Middle Eastern accents along with authentic Greek fare, admirably executed.

Our first visit’s Greek appetizers- tarama, mild fish eggs and bread smoothly ground to spreadíng consíistency, and cheese talami, a medly of Greek cheeses toasted open-face on fine pita bread-were superior. So was the second visit’s Lebanese-rooted maza, a toothsome conglomerate of hummus b’tahini (a puree of sesame seeds and garbanzo beans); baba ghannouj (sesame-scented eggplant blended with fresh lemon juice); tabouleh (more parsley than bulgur wheat here), and feta cheese-a splendid sampling, enough for two. With regard to the entrees, the Mykonos feast was a whole Greek festival, combining leaf-thin curls of herb-scented lean lamb, great marinated shrimp and béchamel-sauced moussaka-the letter’s eggplant layers generously endowed with meat sauce, tomatoes and onions-with delicately cheesy spanokopita, unusually succulent dolmas and more of the hummus. Pastitso was stacked pasta layers under meat and bechamel sauces, which created an effect I would call a Greek version of shepherd’s pie. Kafta called on Lebanese origins again with lean, long patties of spicy ground beef, perfect for wrapping in hot pita bread with a flash of tzatziki, a garlicky yogurt and cucumber dip singing with freshness.

Even baklava, the only house-made dessert offered, was better than ordinary, avoiding the usual soggy sweetness with crisp paperings of pastry separating layers of barely honeyed ground nuts, beautifully balanced against a tiny cup of assertive Greek coffee.

As a dining setting, Cafe Greek suffers as little as one could expect from its strip-center limitations: The place is long and narrow, undistinguished except for the wall-hung Greek photographs, greenery and balalaika tapes that are all anyone can do to inject a relaxed ambience in such a space. Still, the atmosphere is strictly white tablecloth, with service to match, and fellow diners on both our visits seemed to enjoy the accommodating, unhurried (but prompt) cordiality as much as we did. And that includes the harried young couple with children that came, apparently, straight from a soccer match; visibly harried when they arrived, they mellowed to murmuring accord by the time we left. Preston Valley Shoppíng Center, Preston Road at LBJ (southwest side). 934-9767. Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11-2:30; dinner Mon.-Fri. 5-9:30; open Sat. noon to 10. AH credit cards. Moderate. -Betty Cook

Joseph Koo Woos and Wins


You have to be a little crazy to be in the restaurant business-the hours are brutal, the work is physically exhausting and chances of success are slim. (And then there are the critics to contend with!) If you don’t love it, you haven’t got a chance, Joseph Koo, the owner of Pacific Garden, clearly loves his work; he was hard at it both times we visited-greeting guests, bringing drinks and food, checking frequently on every table, all with cheerful words and a smile on his face.

This attractive space with lots of windows looking out over an interior courtyard has been through a number of incarnations; but the bones, as they say, are good, and Pacific Garden is both comfortable and good-looking. There isn’t much Chinese food in the Knox St. area, so we welcomed a newcomer, and I suspect most of the neighborhood will, too. While the food is not dazzling, some of it is very good, lunch specials are under $5, and there aren’t many places with the positive force of the owner’s presence on the premises. That alone could make Pacific Garden flourish.

On our first visit with kids in tow, we started with their favorite Chinese food, the “flaming bo bo tray.” It was the usual arrangement of skewered beef, tempura shrimp, fried wonton, chicken wings, egg rolls and ribs, all fine, none outstanding. The grown-ups’ choice of pan-fried dumplings, however, was excellent-the potstickers were properly crisped on one side and al dente on the other, the pork filling savory and the dough lighter than usual. Another time, we were happy with appetizers of sizzling rice soup and cold noodles with shrimp and shredded chicken.

All the food is cooked without MSG,according to the menu. An entree of lemonchicken was over-fried-the meat was dry-and the accompanying sauce unpleasantlyglutinous. Chicken and beef Hunan-style,on a platter rimmed by a broccoli hedge,was better, the spicy sauce nicely thin andbrown. The sliced duck with young gingerwas all duck and no ginger, but theshredded pork in garlic sauce tasted richand fresh with just the right balancebetween hot, sweet and salt. Anotherstandard, chicken with cashew nuts, was fullof brown roasted nuts and tender chickenchunks, and the sesame beef, fried, thencooked in brown sauce, was still crispyunder its sticky topping. 4527 Travis.522-6868. Sun.-Thur. 11 a.m.-l0 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. All credit cards.Moderate. -Mary Brown Malouf

Down on the Bayo

CABALLO BAYO BAR & GRILL This place was envisioned as a rather wild sports bar (there’s a sandpit for volleyball in the back and the menu includes a wish list of things the owners had wanted to add to the establishment before they ran out of money). The words “& Grill” have clearly been added to the sign outside, so you’d expect the food on the longish menu to have been something of an afterthought. Strangely enough, though, if you can survive the black, shocking pink and turquoise decor, the food turns out to be lots better than it has to be. I can even imagine that some might come back to Caballo Bayo primarily to eat if they are in the mood for an assertive, unsubtle, tasty and inexpensive meal.

The appetizers set the tone, which is heavy into cayenne, dried chilis, jalapenos and Tabasco sauce-you might call the style “populist Southwestern.” The chicken parts affectionately dubbed Wings from Hell really do approach the limit of pleasurable heat; when upgraded to Wings from Hell and Back with a super-spicy barbecue sauce, they cross over into masochistic territory. The Sweat Hot chili and lots of peppers adorn the nachos, too, but Caballo Bayo does offer some less intimidating appetizers, like the rather demure kebabs of marinated shrimp or chicken (also available in larger portions as entrees) and excellent tamales, hard to find in this town.

Among the entrees, we weren’t able to order the roast pig, even on a weekend when it is supposed to be available, hut found all the things we could order more than satisfactory. Dishes that offered plenty of opportunity for disaster came off quite well, like the Messy Ribs. I hale barbecue that has been “slathered” (the menu’s own word) with sauce and comes to the table with ail the flavor on the outside, ready to be wiped off on the napkins. These ribs, though, were cooked to a lovely, crusty dark mahogany and proved to be much tastier than (hey were messy. Salsa-soaked chicken also had the salsa flavor marinated and cooked into it, rather than merely applied in retrospect. The jalapeno Jack cheeseburger was tasty on its textured roll, if a bit overdone, and the garlic-spiked shrimp were fine, although a bit more garlic flavor wouldn’t have hurt anything. Side dishes like crispy match-stick fries and Spanish rice also exceeded expectations, and even the stock-sounding chocolate desserts (brownies topped with ice cream and syrup or cappuccino pie) turned out to be, once again, better than they had to be. 3904 Stemmons Freeway, 630-1253. 11 a.m.-12 p.m., closed Sundays until spring. All credit cards. Inexpensive to moderate.

-W.L. Taitte

Take the Abbey Road

THE ABBEY RESTAURANT AND CLUB This famous little spot in Frisco had closed down for a while, but is flourishing again under new ownership, in which chef Tony Whiddon is a partner. From the imposing red-brick exterior, The Abbey really does look like a British clerical establishment. Inside, though, it is large and barnlike despite an attempt to break up the dining areas.

The food at the born-again Abbey demonstrates a lot of promise, and there’s even a full service bar with a lot of unexpected wine choices. The menu lists a few appetizers, like cheese fritters (that really do taste of Wisconsin Cheddar and Danish blue cheeses) and Cajun barbecue shrimp that don’t rely too much on sheer pepper firepower for their flavor.

Main courses include good burgers and atender, well-executed chicken-fried steak.But here there are some problems, too. Theliver and onions (a daily special) had beenunspeakably overcooked when we sampledit. And a fish of the day, Pacific groupergrilled and topped with a thick butflavorless lemon butter sauce, proveddisappointing, too. The menu boasts thatthe chefs use the minimum amount of saltnecessary to cook every dish, but the fishwasn’t the only thing we tried that sufferedfrom lack of seasoning. Apparently fresh,though long-cooked, green beans and amixture of wild and long-grain rice alsolacked flavor. A baked squash casserole andmashed potatoes were much moreinteresting. We also found the dessertsvariable in quality-the pecan pie textbook-tasty, the cherry cobbler dull with a doughycrust hardly to be located under too muchice cream. The Abbey in its new incarnationdoesn’t quite fulfill all its potential, but it’sstill rare to find a home-cookingestablishment anywhere in the Metroplexthat tries so hard to do things in its own,fresh fashion. 7850 Main Street, Frisco.335-3812. Mon.-Thur. 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri.11 a.m.-I0 p.m., Sat, 10 a.m.-l0 p.m., Sun.10 a.m.-3 p.m. All credit cards. Inexpensiveto moderate. -W.L.T.

Where’s the Beans?

CAMELLIA CAFE It was Monday so we put in a load of wash and went to lunch at Camellia Cafe. If you’ve ever been in Louisiana on a Monday, you know what we were expecting to eat, but to our surprise there was nary a red bean in sight.

We made do with muffaletta and chicken-sausage gumbo-the former a crispy round of bread piled with salami, ham, melted provolone and olive salad, the latter based on a dark brown roux, rich with sausage and shredded chicken.

This will undoubtedly become another popular lunch spot at Snider Plaza. It has the same friendly, unpretentious atmosphere that makes the other restaurants owned by Marc and Susan Hall-Peggy Sue BBQ, Cisco Grill, Amore Italian-so comfortable. The painted shutters and faux, crumbling brick walls provide minimal French Quarter decor, just atmospheric enough for those of us tired of the big-deal lunch, ready for something basic and cozy. The cafeteria-style service was confused but friendly. It was a little unclear where to place your order and where to get your food-on a crowded day it would have caused more confusion than on the quiet weekday we were there. But intentions were good, and it’s easy to be forgiving when mistakes are recognized and remedied so quickly and genially.

The food, unfortunately, can’t be helped by good will, but while nothing was sublime, nothing was terrible, either, and it may all get better with practice. Cajun ís difficult to transplant (as many restaurateurs discovered when it was the hot trend a few years back) but it’s not far from its native ground here. The roast beef poor-boy was disappointing-the meat dry and tasteless; the jambalaya was spicy, but too sticky. The small salad, topped with more olive salad and a pungent vinaigrette, was excellent and desserts split the difference-bread pudding with raisins and cinnamon was better than the commercial-tasting brownie topped with thin, hot chocolate syrup and canned cream.

They promised red beans next Monday, soalready there’s improvement. CamelliaCafe is definitely worth keeping an eye on.6617 Snider Plaza. 691-8164. Mon.-Sat.11 a.m.-8 p.m., closed Sundays. MC, Visa.Inexpensive. -M.B.M.



D Revisits Deep Elmer’s. Well. rats. One of the menu listings I had rnost looked forward to trying in this short-list Deep Ellum hangout was the house dessert, a cherry or apple pizza I’d heard was wonderful. If it is, I’ll never know it. I guess neither version was being offered on our visit or when I called a week later to inquire. That complaint registered, I have nothing but praise for the food we did sample at Deep Elmer’s. The cartoony little bill of fare claims the burgers are fresh-ground daily, and I believe it-mine was a juicy delight, the beef patty big and moist, the stack of red onion, tomato and lettuce fresh and generous, the bun substantial enough to hold it all together. French fries were unpeeled. fried home-style crisp, and the soft drink that made up the $4.95 special combo was a lull-pint tumbler.My companion’s grilled chicken vegetable salad whs a substantial meal’s worth, too-strips of white meat, smoky andsucculent, were complemented by roasted bell pepper, onionand zucchini, the assemblage so fresh and flavorful its accompanying ranch dressing was really superfluous. Servicewas so laid-back casual as to seem almost absent-minded,but too amiable to be offensive, especially on the off-hourweekend afternoon of our visit. If we’d taken a notion toamuse ourselves with the pool and shuffleboard facilities offered, we’d have had no competition-an opportunity I doubtwould prevail during higher-traffic lunch and evening hours. 2615 Commerce. 748-9898. Inexpensive. -B.C.


D Revisits Dodie’s Seafood Cafe. This breezy cafeis a sure bet for good Cajun-style seafood. The seat-yourselfatmosphere and loud, amusing murals make a casual settingwhere it is perfectly natural for the bartender to come outfrom behind the bar to hand you your menus, then stick hishead in the kitchen and shout for two dozen, boiled. Thatwas the peel-and-eat we ordered, which came through theswinging doors several minutes later, steaming hot andblisteringly spicy. A cup of gumbo was dark as mud andpacked with fish and shrimp. Crunchy. cornmeal-coatedfried shrimp were piled on top of crispy fries. Platters ofcrawfish étouffé and red beans and rice were huge, plentyfor two to share, though we didn’t. 2129 Greenville Ave.821-8890. Inexpensive to moderate. -M.B.M.


D Revisits Epicure Highland Park. We list thischarming restaurant as French, but in truth its cuisine is joy-ously international, with Mediterranean and creative Southwest accents dominant. Whatever you care to call it, the foodon our recent visit was shockingly wonderful. Com chowderblessed with crisp whole kernels and creamy potato dice,cleanly scented with cilantro. Brie quesadilla wedges, thinand crisp on a flirtatiously peppery tomato-basil sauce.Fresh seafood ravioli with fine, firm shrimp, satin scallopsand delicate crawfish curls in a sophisticated pesto creamsauce. Mixteco casserole, a hearty layering of com tortillaswith chicken breast, roasted poblano peppers and Jackcheese in ranchero sauce, sided with black beans. It was thedesserts, though, that broke my heart-surfeited with thecourses that had gone before, we were unable to finish twinquenelles of Belgian chocolate mousse on raspberry coulisor a fresh peach cobbler that mated sugary-thin crust withhardly sweetened ripe peach slices. If I had any cavil, itwould be that the peaches were unpeeled: but even so, bothdesserts would have taken prizes in any competition. Aswould the service, which, like the food and the ambience ofour sheltered patio table, seemed calculated to make ourwhole dining experience a series of happy surprises ratherthan the rather wearing challenge so many avant eateries present . 69 Highland Park Village. 520-8501. Moderate to expensive. -B.C.


D Revisits nip’s Wine Bar & Trattoria. Ever since it opened, we’ve liked Rip’s for its bustling atmosphere and its hearty, unusual food. On several occasions recently, however, the usually high decibel level seemed to have ascended into the stratosphere. Even when there wasn’t live music, the background noise threatened to cause hearing loss. As for the food, we still can find little fault with the big bowls of soup and salad served family style and with the desserts (like the chocolate bombe and the chocolate ama-retto cake). But other dishes can use some fine tuning. Bucatini-straws of macaroni almost a foot long-make an interesting pasta choice, but the tomato sauce on top can taste thin and tinny. On a recent visit, a special of chicken lasagna had an off flavor, and grilled yeIlowfin tuna was under-seasoned and dull despite its herbed butter. An earthy sausage pizza and the ministrations of an extraordinarily polite and efficient server compensated greatly for the shortcomings, but we hope that this lively place will flip back soon to the days when the noise level was more tolerable and the food more consistent. 1520 Greenvi!le Ave. 824-9944.Moderate. -W.L.T.

D Revisits Pizzeria Uno. To confess how ancient some of us are getting to be, I can remember a time before pizza. Magazine articles extolling this new and exotic Italian import described a pie crust filled with tomatoes, cheese and goodies. How disappointing it was for an impressionable 8-year-old to bite into that first New York-style pizza, with its bready crust, a heavy perfume of unfamiliar oregano and only a thin layer of toppings! Nearly 40 years later. Pizzeria Uno turns out the Italian pie of my childhood imagination, a buttery crust enfolding an inch-high magma of mozzarella, sausage and whatever else the heart desires. On the other hand, Pizzeria Uno’s new thin-crust “plizeitas” remind me of the disappointment of my youth; the “artipeggio” version we sampled topped a soggy crust with an overly strong-lasting melange of eggplant, artichoke and feta cheese. For an alternative to pizza here, the best choice is the chicken from-maggi-a lender breast baked in a blanket of cheeses and fresh tomato slices. 2811 McKinney Ave. 855-0011. 4002 Bell Line, Addison. 991-8181. inexpensive to moderate. -W.L.T.


D Revisits Mr. Sushi Japanese Restaurant. The city’s most sophisticated-feeling Japanese restaurant stillrums out some of the best ethnic food. Just about everyJapanese restaurant offers dumpling-like gyoza as an appetizer, but here the slender crimped cylinders are pan-friedto achieve the optimum golden-brown crunchiness on thebottom. The most unusual appetizer, beef tataki, tossesshreds of deliciously rare charbroiled beef with a tangyponzu sauce-guaranteed to please even those who normallyfind Japanese cuisine overly genteel. Standbys like seafoodtempura and sushi are also exemplary (although mostWesterners won”t find the chewy texture of toro sushi, thinslices of fatty tuna that are the rarest and most expensive ofthe raw fish offerings, very appealing). Our only disappointment on a recent visit came from our order of shabu shabu,only available for two or more. This cook-it-yourself Oriental version of beef-and-vegetable fondue sounded perfect fora chilly evening, but the tasteless liquid in which thebeautifully cut ingredients were to be simmered made for abland main course. 4860 Bell Line, Addison. 385-0168.Moderate. -W.L.T


D Revisits Simply Fondue. An après-ski fondue restaurant still seems to me a strange idea for Lower Greenville, but what do I know. Lots of people in Dallas obviously prefer cooking out to cooking at home-so many that there is now a second Simply Fondue in, where else, Addison. I suppose it’s not precisely fair to review food that I cooked myself and certainly not fair to review my husband’s or children’s efforts. Suffice it to say that the waitstaff is helpful, the food-fruit and bread chunks for the cheese fondue, shrimp, scallops, chicken and beef to cook in hot oil, and angel food cake, marshmallows and fruit for the melted chocolate-is plentiful and yes, the whole experience does turnout to be a lot of fun. What more do you want from an evening out? 2108 Greenville Ave. 827-8878. Moderate. -M.B.M.


D Revisits Marty’s. Dining on takeout from this premier epicurean establishment is a rich experience in more ways than one. On the one hand, the tab for two can easily climb past the 50-dollar level before wine is even considered. On the other, the same food would probably run to twice that in a restaurant of comparable quality. Besides which, few menus can match the sumptuous variety of well-prepared dishes offered here. Standouts in our last selection included a silken duck paté spiked with truffles, a salad of rotelli pasta drenched with sunny lemon freshness, roast pork loin anointed with hauntingly fruity wine sauce. A thinly battered fish cake was less rewarding, its once-crisp golden skin ill-suited to rewarming. Potato Dauphinois, though, was an opulent side dish, with butter and cheese in every layered bite. Chocolate Rock cake, a high-crowned wedge of classic devil’s-food glory that is the best-selling dessert here, was worth every calorie it cost. Orange-lemon marmalade cake, Bundt-baked. thin-sliced and inexplicably more expensive than the chocolate, was intensely citrus-flavored and probably healthier, for the body if not the budget. Speaking of which, 1 confess I’d have shaved a fourth off our for-two total if I hadn’t lacked the iron will to resist some of the side-goody temptations here: One of them, a 5.3-ounce minibox of pastry like Dutch Gouda cocktail crisps, unpriced on the shelf, rang up a stunning £5.80 atcheckout. No mistake. 1 was told when I called incredulously to inquire. And no mistake is right, I found when I reluctantly opened and sampled them-the damned things are sogood, they’d be irresistible at almost any cost, so I now haveMarty’s to blame for yet another addiction. 3316 Oak Lawn.526-4070. Moderate. -B.C.


D Revisits Mai’s Cuisine. Few restaurants in Dallascombine excellent food, a dignified atmosphere, statelyservice and rack-bottom prices-Mai’s magic formula forthe most pleasant dining experiences we’ve had in a Vietnamese spot here. For those who find the slippery textureof the Vietnamese ravioli (filled with ground pork andmushrooms) off-putting, the Vietnamese-style eggrolls makea fine beginning. Sometimes Vietnamese food can seemunderstated when compared to other Southeast Asiancuisines-but not when you sample Mai’s shrimp and squidin hot chili sauce or the shrimp hot pot, with its piquantflavorings of tomato, toasted garlic and even pineapple. Andcareful preparation assures that milder dishes like stir-friedchicken with vegetables still boast plenty of flavor and awonderful contrast of textures. For dessert, the fried bananasare spectacularly light and delicate. 4814 Greenville Ave. at University. 739-5424. Inexpensive. -W.L.T.




Austin’s Barbecue. 2321 W. Illinois. 337-2242. Inexpensive.

Baker’s Ribs. 2724 Commerce. 748-5433. Inexpensìve.

Peggy Sue BBQ. 6600 Snider Plaza. 987-9189. Inexpensive.

Riscky’s. 1701 N. Market, Suite KM. 742-7001. Inexpensive.

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse. 2202 In wood, 357-7120. 302 N. Market. 744-1610. Inexpensive.


Jennivine. 3605 McKinney Ave. 528-6010. Moderate to expensive.

Outback Pub. I701 N. Market, Suite 105. 761-9355. Inexpensive.


Allen Street Bar & Grill. 2900 McKinney Ave. 871-0256.

Balls Hamburgers. 3404 Rankin in Snider Plaza. 373-1717. 4343 W. Northwest Hwy. 352-2525. Inexpensive.

Cardinal Puff’s. 4615 Greenville Ave. 369-1969. Inexpensive

Chip’s. 4501 N. Central Expwy. 526-1092. Inexpensive.

Club Schmitz. 9661 Demon Drive. 902-7990. Inexpensive.

8.0. 2800 Routh St. 979-0880. Inexpensive.

The Green Elephant Bar and Grill. 5612 Yale. 520-6625.

Hard Rock Cafe. 2601 McKinney Ave. 855-0007. Moderate.

Prince of Hamburgers. 5200 Lemmon Ave. 526-9081. Inexpensive.

Snuffers. 3526 Greenville Ave. 826-6850. 14910 Midway. Addison. 991-8811. Inexpensive.

Starlight Diner. 2715 Elm. 747-STAR. Inexpensive. Texas Hamburgers. 1606 Market Center Blvd. 747-2222. Inexpensive.


Arcadia Bar & Grill. 2114Greenville Ave. 821-1300. Inexpensive.

Atchafalaya River Cafe. 4440 Ik-It Line, Addison. 960-6878. Moderate.

Cafe Margaux. 4216 Oak Lawn. 520-1985. Moderate.

Crescent City Cafe. 2730 Commerce. 745-1900. Inexpensive.

Louisiana Purchase. 2901 N. Central Expwy., Suite 101, Piano 423-0533 Inexpensive to moderate.

Nate’s Seafood & Steakhouse, 14951 Midway Road, Addison. 701-9622. Moderate.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. 3520 Oak Lawn. 521-4700. Moderate to expensive.

Red’s Cajun Queen. 3701 W. Northwest Hwy. 350-9777. Inexpensive to moderate.


Gloria’s Restaurant. 600 W. Davis. 948-3672. 9386 LBJ Frwy. at Abrams. 690-0622. Inexpensive.

Latinamerican Cafe. 4436 Lemmon Ave. 526-4436. Inexpensive.


August Moon. 15030 Preston at Belt Line. 385-7227. 2300 N. Central Expwy, Plano. 881-0071. Moderate.

Cafe Panda. 7979 In wood, Suite 121. 902-9500. Moderate.

Cathy’s Wok. 4010 W. 15th. Plano. 964-0406. Inexpensive.

Canton Chinese Restaurant. 400 N. Greenville Ave., Suite 25, Richardson. 238-1863. Inexpensive.

Chef Wang. 9330 N. Central Expwy., United Artists Plaza. 373-1403. Moderate to expensive.

Chu’s Restaurant. 15080 Beltway, Addison. 387-1776. Moderate.

Crystal Pagoda. 4516 McKinney Ave. 526-3355. Moderate.

Elm St. Shang-Hai. 2807 Elm St. 651-8988. Moderate.

First Chinese Barbecue. 111 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson. 680-8216. Inexpensive.

Grand Taipei. 216 W. Campbell. Richardson. 907-1027. Moderrate.

Henry Chen’s. 3701 W. Northwest Hwy. 956-9560. Moderate.

Hong Kong Royale. 221 W. Polk. Suite 200 Richardson. 238-8888. Moderate to expensive.

Hunan Restaurant. 5214 Greenville. 369-4578. Inexpensive to moderate.

May Dragon. 4848 Belt Line at Inwood. 392-9998. Moderate.

Restaurant Jasmine. 4002 Bell Line, Suite 200. Addison. 991-6867. Moderate.

Szechwan Pavilion. 8411 Preston. 368-4303. 1152 N. Buckner, Suite 128. Casa Linda Plaza. 321-7599. Moderate.

Taiwan Restaurant. 4980 Belt Line. Addison. 387-2333. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tasty China. 3514 A W. Walnut, Garland. 276-1999. lnexpensive.

Texas Jade. 3227 McKinney Ave. 871-8898. Moderate.

Tong’s. 11661 Preston. Suite 143. 361-6588. Moderate.

Tone’s House. 1910 Promenade Center. Richardson. 231-8858. Moderate.

Uncle Tai’s. 13350 Dallas Pkwy., in the Galeria. 934-9998. Expensive.


Dallul. 2515 Inwood. 353-0804. Inexpensive to moderate.

River Nile. 7001 Fair Oaks. 363-1128. Inexpensive to maderate.


Addison Cafe. 5290 Belt Line, Dallas. 991-8824. Moderate 10 expensive.

Cafe Le Jardin. 4900 McKinney Ave. 526-0570. Moderate to expensive

Chez Gerard. 4444 McKinney Ave. 522-6865. Moderate to expensive.

Clair de Lune. 5934 Royal Lane. Suite 120. 987-2028. Moderate to expensive

Ernie’s. 5100 Belt Line, Suite 502. 233-8855. Moderate to expensive.

Ewald’s. Stoneleigh Hotel. 2927 Maple. 871-2523. Expensive.

The French Room. The Adolphus Hotel, 1321 Commerce. 742-8200. Expensive.

The Grape. 2808 Greenville Ave. 828-1981. Moderate.

La Madeleine. 3072 W. Mockingbird. 696-0800. 3906 Lemmon Ave. 521-0183. 628 NorthPark Center 696-2398. Inexpensive.

L’Ancestral. 4514 Travis. 528-1081. Moderate.

Le Brussels. 6615 Snider Plaza. 739-1927. Moderate.

L’Entrecote. Loews Anatole Hotel, 2201 Stemmons Frwy. 748-1200. Very expensive.

Les Saisons. 165 Turtle Creek Village. 528-1102. Expensive

The Old Warsaw. 2610 Maple. 528-0032. Very expensive

Pierre’s By The Lake. 3430 Shorecrest. 358-2379. Moderate to expensive.

The Riviera. 7709 Inwood. 351-0094. Very expensive.

St. Martins. 3020 Greenville Ave. 826-0940. Moderate to expensive.

Watel’s. 192.1 McKinney Ave. 720-0323. Moderate to expensive.

York St. 6047 Lewis 826-0968. Expensive.


Belvedere. 4242 Lomo Alto. 528-6510. Expensive.

Bohemia. 28I0 N. Henderson. 826-6209 Moderate.

Cafe Athenee. 5365 Spring Valley, Suite 150. 239-8060. Moderate.

The Chimney. 9739 N. Central Expwy. 369-6466. Expensive.

Franki’s Li’l Europe. 362 Casa Linda Plaza, Garland Road. 320-0426, 2515 McKinney Ave., Suite 150. 953-0426. Inexpensive to moderate.

Hofstetter’s. Plaza at Bachman Creek. 3840 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 400. 358-7660. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kuby’s Sausage House Inc. 6601 Snider Plaza. 363-2231. 3121 Ross. 821-3121, Inexpensive.


Athens Cafe. 5290 Bell Line. Suite 118, Addison. 991-9185, Inexpensive to moderate.

Goldfinger. 2905 Webb Chapel Extension. 350-6983. Moderate to expensive.

Greek Bistro. 2014 Greenville Ave. 826-8989. Inexpensive to moderate

Kostas Cafe. 4914 Greenville Ave. 987-3225. Inexpensive.

Theodore’s Seafood Restaurant. The Corner Shopping Center. 8041 Walnut Hill, Suite 810. 361-1922. Moderate to expensive


Bishop Arts Cafe. 316 W. Seventh St. 943-3565. Inexpensive to moderate.

Celebration. 4503 W. Lovers Lane. 351-5681. Moderate.

Chubby’s. 11333 E. Northwest Hwy. 348-6065.

Farmer’s Grill. 4015 Lemmon Ave. 521-2281. Inexpensive.

Gennie’s Bishop Grille. 321 N. Bishop. 946-1752. Inexpensive.

Highland Park Cafeteria. 4611 Cole at Knox. 526-3801. 300 Casa Linda Plaza at Garland Road. 327-3663. Lincoln Plaza, 500 N. Akard. 740-2400. Inexpensive.

Highland Park Pharmacy. 3229 Knox. 521-206. Inexpensive.

Mama’s Daughter’s Diner. 2014 Irving Blvd. 742-8646. Inexpensive.

Original Market Diner. 4434 Harry Hines. 521-0992. Inexpensive

The Mecca. 10422 Harry Hines. 352-0051. Inexpensive.

Roscoe’s Easy Way. 5420 Lemmon Ave. 528-8459. Inexpensive.

Rosemarie’s. 1411 N. Zang. 946-4142. Inexpensive.

Theo’s Diner. 111 S. Hall. 747-6936. Inexpensive.

Tolbert’a. One Dallas Center, 350 N. St. Paul. 953-1353. 1800 N. Market. 969-0310. Inexpensive.

Vice Versa. 6065 Sherry Lane. 691-2976. Inexpensive.


Akbar. 2115 Promenade Center. Richardson. 235-0260. Inexpensive (lunchj in moderate (dinner).

Ashoka Indian Cuisine. 5409 Belt Line, Prestonwood Creek Shopping Center. 960-0070. Moderate.

India Palace Restaurant. 12817 Preston, Suite 106. 392-0190. Moderate to expensive.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 401 N. Central Expwy., Suite 300, Richardson 231-5556. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 2620 Walnut Hill. 350-6466. Inexpensive.

Moti Mahal. 1492 Spring Valley. Richardson. 238-7673. Inexpensive

Shalimar. 35 Richardson Heights Village. Central at Belt Line, Richardson. 437-2858. Inexpensive.

Shusmi. 859 N.E. Green Oaks. Arlington. (817) 860-8728. Moderate.

Taj Mahal. Caruth Plaza. 9100 N. Central Expwy., Suite 179. 692-0535. Moderate.


Tipperary Inn. 2818 Greenville Ave. 823-7167. lnexpensive.


Acapella Cafe. 2508 Maple. 871-2262. Moderate.

Alessio’s. 4117 Lomo Alto. 521-3585. Expensive.

Cafe Italia. 2720 Stemmons Frwy. 521-0700. Inexpensive to moderate.

Caffe Paparazzi. 8989 Forest Lane. Suite 136. 644-1323. Moderate.

Capriccio. 2616 Maple. 87I-2004. Expensive.

Chianti Restaurant and Pizzeria. 9526 Webb Chapel. 350-7456. Inexpensive.

Fausto’s Oven. 300 Reunion Blvd., in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. 651-1234. Moderate

Ferrari’s. 703 McKinney Ave., in The Brewery. 954-1112. Moderate to expensive.

Joey Tomato’s Atlantic City. 3232 McKinney Ave. 754-0380. Inexpensive to moderate.

La Tosca. 7713 Inwood. 352-8373. Expensive.

La Trattoria Lombardi’s. 2916 N. Hall. 954-0803. Moderate.

Lombardi’s at Travis Walk. 4514 Travis Walk. 521-1480. Moderate.

Lombardi’s Expresso. 6135 Luther Lane. 361-6984. Inexpensive to moderate.

Massimo da Milano. 5519 W. Lovers Lane. 351-1426. 2121 San Jacinto. 871-0400. 901 Main Place. Suite C106 in the NCNB Building. 761-6350. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mi Piaci. 14854 Montfort. 934-8424. Moderate to expensive.

Momo’s Italian Specialties. 9191 Forest Lane. Suite A2. 234-6800. 2704 Elm St. 748-4222. 3309 N. Central Expwy., Suite 370. Piano. 423-1066. Moderate.

MoMo’s Pasta. 3312 Knox. 521-3009. Inexpensive.

Nero’s Italian. 2104 Greenville Ave. 826-6376. Moderate.

Patrizio. 25 Highland Park Village. 522-7878. Inexpensive to moderate.

Piccola Cucina. 1030 NorthPark Center. Suite 330. 691-0488. Moderate.

Pomodoro. 2520 Cedar Springs 871-1924 Inexpensive to moderate.

Ristorante Savino. 2929 N. Henderson. 826-7804. Moderate to expensive.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill. 4535 Belt Line. Addison. 386-3831. Moderate.

Ruggeri’s. 2911 Routh St. 871-7377. Moderate.

Scuro. 2713 Elm St. 741-0111. Inexpensive to moderate.

Sfuzzi. 3504 McKinney Ave. 871-2606. 15101 Addison Road, Addison. 960-2606. Moderate.

Sweet Basil. 17610 Midway. 733-1500. Moderate.

311 Lombardi’s. 311 Market. 747-0322. Moderate to expensive.


Fuji-Ya. 13050 Coit. 690-8396. Inexpensive to moderate.

Hana Japanese Restaurant. 14865 Inwood. 991-8322. Moderate.

HiBachi-Ya Japanese Steak House. 3850 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 510. 350-1110. Inexpensive.

Nakamoto Japanese Cuisine. 3309 N. Central Expwy., Suite 360. Piano. 881-0328. Moderate.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant. 7402 Greenville Ave. Suite 101. 361-9282. Moderate to expensive.

Shinano Japanese Restaurant. 8830 Spring Valley. 644-1436. Moderate.

Shogun of Japan. 5738 Cedar Springs. 351-2281. 3455 N. Belt Line. Irving. 594-6911. Moderate.


Kobawoo. 3109 Inwood, 351-6922. Moderate.

Korea Hometown. 10560 Walnut. 272-9909. Inexpensive to moderate.

Koreana. 12101 Greenville Ave., #107. 437-1211. Inexpensive to moderate.


Adelmo’s. 4537 Cole. 559-0325. Moderate.

Monte Carlo. 15201 Dallas Pkwy., in the Grand Kempinski Dallas Hotel. 386-6000. Expensive.

Sambuca. 2618 Elm St. 744-0820. Moderate.


Anita’s Mexican Cantina. 7324 Gaston, #319. 328-9639. Inexpensive.

Blue Goose Cantina. 2905 Greenville Ave. 823-6786. Moderate.

Cantina Laredo. 4546 Belt Line. Addison. 458-0962. 8121 Walnut Hill. 987-9192. Moderate.

Casa Dominguez. 2127 Cedar Springs. 742-4945. Inexpensive to moderate.

Chuy’s. 21l N. Record. 747-2838. Moderate.

Desperados. 4818 Greenville Ave. 363-1850. Inexpensive to moderate.

El Asadero. 1516 Greenville Ave. 826-0625. Inexpensive to moderate.

El Ranchito. 610 W. Jefferson. 946-4238. Inexpensive to Moderate.

Flamingo Joe’s. 2712 Main. 748-6065. Inexpensive to moderate.

Grandpa Tony’s. 3130 W. Mockingbird. 357-1531. Inexpensive

Javier’s. 4912 Cole. 521-421). Expensive.

La Calle Doce. 415 W. 12th. 941-4304. Inexpensive to moderate.

Las Cazuelas. 4933 Columbia. 827-1889. Inexpensive.

La Supreme Tortillerla. 7630 Military Pkwy. (at Loop 12). 388-1244. Inexpensive.

Mario & Alberto. LBJ Frwy., at Preston. Suite 425. 980-7296. Moderate.

Mario’s Chiquita. 4514 Travis. Suite 105. 521-0721. 221 W. Parker. Suite 400. Piano. 423-2977. Moderate.

The Martinez Cafe. Preston Park Village. 1900 Preston. Piano. 964-7898.. Inexpensive.

Matt’s Rancho Martinez Mexican Restaurant. 6312 La Vista. 823-5517. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mercado Juarez. 1901 W. Northwest Hwy. 556-0796. 4050 Belt Line. Addison. 458-2145. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mia’s. 4322 Lemmon Ave. 526-1020. Inexpensive.

Ml Casa Tex Mex Restaurant. 8301 Westchester. 890-9939. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mi Cocina. 11661 Preston, Suite 138. 263-7704. Inexpensive.

Primo’s. 3309 McKinney Ave. 520-3303. Inexpensive to moderate.

Uncle Julio’s. 7557 Greenville Ave. 987-9900. 4125 Lemmon Ave. 520-6620. Moderate.

ZuZu. 6423 Hillcrest. 521-4456. 5940 Royal Lane. 739-1312. 3100 Independence Pkwy., Plano. 596-6744. Inexpensive.


All Baba. 1905 Greenville Ave. 823-8235. Inexpensive.

Hedary’s Labanese Restaurant. Promenade Center, 15400 Coit. Suite 2500, Richardson. 669-2112. Moderate.


Agnew’s Natural Grill. 3011 Routh St. 720-3900. Moderate to expensive.

Bluebonnet Cafe & Deli. 2218 Greenville Ave. 828-0052. Inexpensive.

Dream Cafe. 2800 Routh St., Suite 170, in the Quadrangle. 954-0486. Inexpensive.


Actuelle. 500 Crescent Court. Suite 165. 855-0440.

Arsnsas Pass. 2912 N. Henderson. 827-8650. Moderate to expensive.

Aristocrat Hotel Bar & Grill. 1933 Main. 741-7700. Moderate to expensive.

Beau Nash. 400 Crescent Court in [he Hotel Crescent Court. 871-3200. Moderate to expensive.

Bravo. 2621 McKinney. 871-2786. Moderate.

The Bronx. 3835 Cedar Springs. 521-5821. Inexpensive to moderate.

The Buffalo Club. 2800 Routh St., Suite 125, in the Quadrangle. 748-2400. Moderate to expensive.

By George! 2900 Greenville Ave. 821-1538. Moderate.

Chaplin’s. 1928 Greenville Ave. 823-3300. Moderate to expensive.

City Cafe. 5757 W. Lovers Lane. 351-2233. Moderate.

The Conservatory. 400 Crescent Court in the Hotel Crescent Court. 871-3242. Very expensive.

Crockett’s. Doubletree Hotel at Park West, 5410 LBJ Frwy. 701-5160. Expensive.

Dakota’s. 600 N. Akard. 740-4001. Moderate to expensive.

Deep Ellum Cafe. 2706 Elm St. 741-9012. Moderate to expensive.

Dover’s Grille. Doubletree Hotel at Park West. 1590 LBJ Frwy. 8694300. Moderate to expensive.

Gershwin’s. 8442 Walnut Hill at Greenville Ave. 373-7171. Moderate to expensive.

Huntington’s. Westin Hotel, Galleria, 13340 Dallas Pkwy. 851-2882. Expensive.

Kathleen’s Art Cafe. 4424 Lovers Lane. 691-2355. Moderate to expensive.

Landmark Cafe. Omni Melrose Hotel. 3015 Oak Lawn. 521-5151. Expensive.

Laurels. Sheraton Park Central Hotel. 12720 Merit Drive, off Coit near LBJ Frwy. 385-3000. Expensive.

The Mansion on Turtle Creek. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. 559-2100. Very expensive.

Malibu Cafe. 4311 Oak Lawn. 521-2233. Moderate.

Nana Grill. Loews Anatole Hotel. 2201 Stemmons Frwy. 761-7470 Expensive to very expensive.

Parigi. 3311 Oak Lawn. 521-0295. Moderate to expensive.

The Promenade. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd, in The Mansion on Turtle Creek. 559-2100. Moderate to expensive.

The Pyramid Room. 1717 N. Akard in the Fairmont Hotel. 720-5249. Very expensive.

Quadrangle Grille. 2800 Routh St., Suite 180, in the Quadrangle. 979-9022. Moderate.

Routh Street Cafe. 1005 Routh St. 871-7161. Very expensive.


Atlantic Cafe Too! 14866 Montfort, Addison. 960-2233. Moderate to expensive.

Aw Shucks. 3601 Greenville Ave. 821-9449. Inexpensive.

Cafe America. 4546 McKinney Ave. 559-4441. Expensive.

Cafe Pacific. 24 Highland Park Village. 526-1170, Ex pensive.

Dinger’s Catfish Cafe. 8989 Forest Lane. 235-3251. Inexpensive.

Fishmonger’s Seafood Market and Cafe. 1915 N. Central Expwy.. Suite 600, Plano. 423-3699. Moderate.

Hampton’s. Preston Center. 8411 Preston. Berkshire Court. 739-3474. Moderate.

Jozef’s Seafood Restaurant. 2719 McKinney Ave. 954-0407. Moderate to expensive.

Maine St. Seafood Grill. 634S Gaston. 826-8264. Inexpensive to expensive.

Newport’s Seafood. 703 McKinney Ave. in The Brewery. 954-0220. Expensive.

Oyster’s. 4580 Beit Line. Addison. 386-0122 or 387-4231. Inexpensive to moderate.

Rusty Pelican. 14655 N. Dallas Pkwy. 980-8950 Expensive.

S&D Oyster Company. 2701 McKinney Ave. 880-0111. Inexpensive to moderate.

Yoli’s. 9220 Skillman, Suite 124. 341-3533. Inexpensive.


Baby Routh. 3708 Routh St. 871-2345. Moderate to expensive.

Blue Mesa Grill. 5100 Belt Line at Dallas Pkwy. in Sakowitz Village, Suite 500, Addison. 934-0165. Inexpensive to moderate.

Brazos. 2100 Greenville Ave. 821-6501. Moderate to expensive.

Cisco Grill. 6630 Snider Plaza. 363-9506. Inexpensive.

Loma Luna Cafe. 4131 Lomo Alto. 559-4011. 8201 Preston. Suite 100 (at Sherry Lane). 691-1552. Moderate.

Ruby’s Greenville Avenue Cafe. 826-4910. Moderate.

Sam’s Cafe. 100 Crescent Court. Suite 140. 855-2233.Moderate to expensive.

Zuma. 2701 Stemmons Frwy. 631-3050. Moderate.


Cafe Madrid. 4501 Travis. 528-1731. Inexpensive to moderate.

White Swan Cafe. 2307 Abrams. 824-8122. Moderate.


Arthur’s. 8350 N. Central Expwy., Campbell Centre, Suite M 1000. 361-8833. Expensive.

The Butcher Shop Steakhouse. 808 Munger, off Lamar. 720-1032. Moderate.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle. 4300 Lemmon Ave. 526-9811. Expensive.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib. 3008 Maple. 521-7777. Moderate to expensive.

Old San Francisco Steakhouse, 10965 Composite (off Walnut Hill, east of I-35). 357-0484. Moderate to expensive.

Palm Restaurant. 701 Ross. 698-0470. Very expensive.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House. 5922 Cedar Springs. 902-8080. Expensive.

Wellington Restaurant & Bar. 2408 Cedar Springs. 748-1291. Expensive.


Al’s New York Style Deli. 3301 Oak Lawn, Suite A (entrance on Hall). 522-3354. Inexpensive.

Bagel Emporium. 7522 Campbell. 248-0608. Inexpensive.

Bagelstein’s. 8104 Spring Valley. 234-3787. Inexpensive to moderate.

City Cafe To Go. 5757 W. Lovers Lane. 351-3366. Moderate.

City Market. 2001 Ross, Trammell Crow Center, Suite 200. 979-2696. Inexpensive.

Crescent Gourmet. 400 Crescent Court. Suite 150. 871-3223. Inexpensive to moderate.

Deli News. 15775 Hillcrest. Suite 502. 392-3354. inexpensive.

Gilbert’s New York Delicatessen. 127 Preston Forest Village. 373-3333. Inexpensive to moderate.

Henk’s European Deli. 5811 Blackwell Street. 987-9090. Inexpensive to moderate.

Pollo Bueno. 3438 Samuell Blvd. 828-0645. Inexpensive.

Tommaso’s Fresh Pasta. 5365 Spring Valley. Suite 158, at Montfort. 991-4040. Inexpensive to moderate.


Bangkok City. 4301 Bryan at Peak. 824-6200. Inexpensive to moderate.

New Siam. 2415 Willowbrook, Suite 108 (at Northwest Hwy. and Harry Hines). 358-5679. Inexpensive to moderate.

Sala Thai. 4503 Greenville Ave. 696-3210. Moderate.

Thai Cuisine. 1915 Central Expwy. (off Park), Piano. 422-5219. Moderate.

Thai Lanna. 1490 W. Spring Valley. Richardson. 690-3637. 4315 Bryan. 827-6478. Moderate.

Thai Lotus. 3851-D Cedar Springs. 520-9385. Inexpensive.

Thai Nipa. 4315 Lemmon Ave. 526-6179. Inexpensive.

Thai-Tahi. 1731 Greenville Ave. 828-9795. Inexpensive.

Thai Soon. 2018 Greenville Ave. 821-7666. Inexpensive.

Thai Taste. 4501 Cole. 521-3513- Moderate.

Toy’s Cafe. 4422-B Lemmon Ave. 528-7233- Inexpensive to moderate.


Arc-en-Ciel. 3555 W. Walnut. Garland. 272-2188. Inexpensive to moderate.

Cafe de Saigon. 5617 W. Lovers Lane. 350-8767. Moderate.

East Wind. 2711 Elm St. 745-5554. Inexpensive to moderate.


Bistro Bagatelle. (French) 406 W. Abrams, Arlington.Metro 817-261-0488. Moderate to expensive.

Cacharel. (French) Brookhollow Two, 2221 E. Lamar,Suite 900. Arlington. Metro 817-640-9981. Moderate.

China Terrace. (Chinese) 5435 N. MacArthur, Irving. 550-1113. Inexpensive to moderate.

Esparza’s. (Mexican) 124 E. Worth St., Grapevine. Metro 817-481-4668. Inexpensive.

Gaspar’s. (New American) 150 S. Demon Tap Road. Coppell. 393-5152. Moderate.

Jinbeh. (Japanese) 301 E. Las Colinas Blvd., Suite 301,Irving. 869-4011. Moderate.

La Margarita. (Mexican) 3636 N. Belt Line, Irving. 570-1137. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tandoor. (Indian) 532 Fielder North Plaza, Arlington. Metro 817-261-6604. Moderate.

Via Real. (Mexican) 4020 N. MacArthur, Irving. 255-0064. Moderate to expensive.


Benito’s. (Mexican) 1450 W. Magnolia. (817) 332-8633. Inexpensive.

Cafe Aspen. (New American) 3416 W. Seventh. (817) 877-0838, Moderate to expensive.

Ciao. (Italian) 2454 Forest Park Blvd. (817) 924-2426. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kincaid’s. (Burgers) 4901 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 732-2881. Inexpensive.

Hedary’s. (Lebanese) 3308 Fairfield off Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 731-6961. Moderate.

Jons Grille. (Burgers) 3009 S. University. (817) 923-1909. Inexpensive.

Juanita’s. (Mexican) 115 W. Second. (817) 335-1777. Moderate.

Ristorante La Piazza. (Italian) 3431 West Seventh. (817) 334-0000. Moderate to expensive.

Le Chardonnay. (French) 2443 Forest Park Blvd. (817) 926-5622. Moderate to expensive.

Papi’s. (Puerto Rican) 2239 N. Main. (817) 625-4413. Inexpensive.

Reflections. (New American) The Worthington Hotel. 200 Main. (817) 870-1000. Expensive.

Saint Emilion. (French) 3617 W. Seventh. (817) 737-2781. Moderate to expensive.

Tejano Mexican Cuisine. (Mexican) 5716 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 737-7201. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tours Restaurant. (New American) 3500 W. Seventh. (817) 870-1672. Moderate to expensive.

Water Street Seafood Co. (Seafood) 1540 S. University Drive. (817) 877-3474. Moderate.


The Art Bar. 2803 Main. 939-0006.

Club Clearview. 2806 Elm St. 939-0006.

Club Dada. 2720 Elm St., at Crowdus. 744-3232.

8.0 Bar. 2800 Routh St., in the Quadrangle. 979-0880.

Exodus. 210 N. Crowdus. 748-7871.

Froggy Bottoms. Part of Dallas Alley in the West End Marketplace. 2019 N. Lamar. 988-0581.

Greenville Bar & Grill. 2821 Greenville Ave. 823-6691.

Improv Comedy Club and Restaurant. 9810 N. Central Expwy., Suite 600 (in The Corner Shopping Center). 750-5868. 4980 Belt Line at Quorum, Suite 250, Addison. 404-8503.

Infinity. 703 McKinney Ave. 720-1300.

Knox Street Pub. 3230 Knox, 526-9476.

The Library Bar. Omni Melrose Hotel, 3015 Oak Lawn. 521-5151.

The Lion’s Den. Stoneleigh Hotel, 2927 Maple. 871-7111.

The Lounge. 5460 W. Lovers Lane. 350-7834.

Network. 5500 Greenville Ave., Suite 403. 361-9517.

Memphis. 5000 Belt Line, Suite 500. 386-9934.

Mimi’s. 5111 Greenville Ave. 368-1994.

Mucky Duck. 3102 Welborn. 522-7200.

The Outback Pub. 1701 N. Market. 761-9355.

Pete & Sean’s Angry Dog. 2726 Commerce. 741-4406.

Pinnacle. 2708 Main St. 744-5700.

Poor David’s Pub. 1924 Greenville Ave. 821-9891.

State. 3611 Parry. 821-9246

Stoneleigh P. 2926 Maple. 871-2346.

Studebakers. NorthPark East, 8788 N. Central Expwy. 696-2475.

Trees. 2707 Elm St. 748-5009.

2826. 2826 Elm St. 741-2826.