No One’s Coy About Troy

Write about the Cowboys’ MVB (Most Valuable Bachelor), and you do hear from his fans. After the September issue of D hit the stands, a late-night call was patched through to an editor from a lass who wanted to probe a little deeper into the article’s nuances. She wanted to know: Did die part that stated that Troy was calling his ex-girlfriend mean they were technically an hem again, or was there still a chance of snaring him? Another midnight caller was told that no matter how enamored he was of Mr. Aikmar, he could not have a poster-sized D Magazine cover.

One heartfelt letter came from a female prison officer, a single mother who asked if Aikman knew any good male role models who could spend time with her I-year-old son. We also received several envelopes intended for Aikman. We didn’t open them, but we did see unusual messages written on the envelopes (“Please join us for dinner”… “Enjoy the napkins”), and we couldn’t help but notice that, when some were held up to the light, glamour photos shined through.


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