Glory, Glory

The Civil War continues every second Wednesday of the month at Wyatt’s Cafeteria on Forest and Marsh. Don’t worry; they’re holed up in the back room. And there’s no cannon fire.

Thus sequestered. The Dallas Civil War Round Table rehashes blue-and-gray history with enlightenment from its ardent members, professors and visiting scholars such as Robert M. Utley, formerly with the Department of Defense,

At the mention of Gens. Lee, Grant, Sherman or Hill, the room snaps to attention. Student’s rock and nod after statements made by historically correct speakers. And after the stories of Bloody Shenandoah, Sunken Road And Hood’s Retreat, you’re sure to hear hums of “glory, glory, alleluia” and remember Scarlett O’Hara ripping those green velvet curtains off her windows. “It’s the personalities involved that make it so fascinating,” says Pax Glenn, president of CWRT.

After a talk titled “Prelude to Conflict: 1845-1860,” Dr. Rick Halperin. Professor of history at SMU. Announced an opportunity to see a live firing of a Civil War cannon at Fort Sill. Hands went up. CWRT members think nothing of dragging their loved ones on family vacations that retrace decisive battles between Johnny Reb and Billy Yank.

Yearly dues are S20 (no Confederate dollars, please). Call Pax Glenn at 368-6230 (evenings) for more information.


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