E.T. Perot

Here’s a new view of Perotmania from The North Texas Skeptics, a bold and refreshingly reasonable band of rational thinkers who normally devote their (non-karmic) energies to a much-needed debunking of pseudoscience- astrology, ESP, telekinesis, “life after life” tales, etc.

In a recent Skeptic newsletter, Vincent Lofft of Houston offered the following satirical “proof’ that Perot is actually an alien bent on ruling the world: 1. He’s short; 2. He’s relatively hairless; 3. He believes in conspiracies (takes one to know one); 4. His cohorts on the “mother ship” supplied him with the “technological edge and programming know-how” that gave EDS its early jump; 5. His lead in the polls-even among those who don’t know what he stands for-can only be explained by alien takeover of ; the polling organizations; 6. Perot’s in a hurry to finish Alliance Airport because “he’s expecting someone (or something) to drop in for a visit.”

Convinced? Best sellers about alien kidnappers have made do with less hard evidence. And if pressed, Lofft can always play the trump card of the mush-minded: He.: has every right to believe Perot is an E. T.-after all, nobody has proven that he’s not.


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