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There aren’t any “smoking guns” in the city’s 19 boxes of material about the Kennedy assassination, but there are some curious odds and ends.

Question assassination-oiogists failed to ask

Yes, the famous “cutout” picture is intriguing. But if it was pan of a cover-up, why’d the dummies leave it in the files for 29 years?

Proof that hindsight is 2O/2O

The manager of the Texas School Book Depository, in his state-mem, said of Oswald, “I liked his appearance and I hired him.”

Cutest item police found in Oswaid’s boarding house

A greeting card with storks on it sent when Oswald’s baby was

Strangert item In Jack Ruby jailhouse correspondence file

Copy of the sheet music to a watlz written in honor of JFK and mailed to Ruby by a fan.

First of many to matte a nickel off Oswald the assassin

Cabbie William Wayne Whaley took Oswald from downtown to Oak Cliff, where Oswald gave him a dollar for a 95-cent fare and told him to keep the change.

Proof that Oswald’s eyesight was 20/20

On Nov. 16, Oswald look target practice at the Sportdrome Gun Range in Oak Cliff, using an Italian-made rifle with scope. One witness noted he Tired 8-10 rounds, with all but one hitting the bull’s-eye.

Request that Dallas police no doubt ignored

A month after (he murder, a school kid in Colorado requested “as much information as possible” on JFK from the time he got to Dallas until he was killed, to be used for a “class history.”