BURBS Our nomination for Best Camouflaged Suburban Green Space with Detached Parking a Half-mile Away: Celestial Park. Addison’s answer to humankind’s eternal quest for a secluded nook.

Addison Parks and Recreation Director SLADE STRICK-LAND insists this four-acre gem is a public facility-not a retreat for the elite of surrounding Bellbrook Estates (where a 135’ * 158’ lot lists for $195,000). “It was designed as a neighborhood park.” Strickland says. “Addison has 10.000 residents and they’re aware of how to use the parks.”

That’s good, because merely finding the park could become a Metroplex board game of the Nineties. Clue: Look north of Spring Valley, east of Montfort, south of Belt Line, and west of White Rock Creek. Five streets penetrate that parcel. Each carries signs declaring “No Thru Traffic.” Once past that hurdle, scan the “No Parking on This Street” signs until you find those with “Parking Available at 5350 Belt Line” addenda. You’ve found the park but you can’t use it until you locate the off-site parking. Amateur sleuths need not apply.

You’ll find 5350 Belt Line in the block marked 5400. Look for the Addison Finance Building behind Del Frisco’s. Park in one of the 23 spaces and trust your internal compass. Look for the jogging path. Find the gazebo-upon-pond. Cross the bridge. Follow the “No Thru Traffic” signs one-half mile south to the berms. Enter Celestial Park and find inner peace.


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