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To obtain a Texas driver’s license, which is legally required after 30 days of residency, an out-of-state newcomer must (1) apply for a license at one of the many Department of Public Safety testing stations; (2) produce a certified copy of his or her birth certificate or a valid out-of-state driver’s license: (3) pass a written examination; (4) pass a driving skill test if the out-of-state license has expired; (5) undergo an eye test to determine if corrective lenses are needed; and (6) be 18 or older. Persons age 16 or 17 may be licensed only if they have completed a certified driver-education program. are enrolled in school, and have attended at least SO days of the previous school semester. For hours and locations, call 226-5370.


Out-of-state vehicles may be registered for Texas license plates at substations of the county tax assessor’s office, which are located throughout Dallas County. To establish Texas residency, you must (1) have your vehicle’s serial number verified through an inspection at a service station or car dealership: (2) surrender your out-of-state title; (3) apply for registration within 30 days of moving here; and (4) pay a $15 new resident’s fee, plus a $10 title fee and the cost of your license plates (based on the model year for cars and gross weight for trucks), which are required on the front and rear of your car. For more information, call 653-7621.


All vehicles registered in Texas must be inspected for safety every 12 months. The fee for an inspection sticker, which is applied to the lower left-hand corner of the windshield and shows the number of the month in which the inspection was performed, is $8. 50 for car models up to 1974, $14. 50 for car models from 1975-1979, and $17. 25 for 1980 and newer models, plus the cost of any repairs necessary to bring the vehicle up to established safety standards. Inspection stations are located at various service stations, dealerships, and garages.


You must (1) be an American citizen; (2) be IS years of age; and (3) have a permanent residential address within Dallas County. Voter registration can usually be handled by filling out a form and returning it at least 30 days before an election to the Election Department, Records Building, 500 Main St., Dallas 7S202. Voter registration cards can also be obtained at branches of the tax office or post office. For more information, call 653-7871.


Every homeowner living within an independent school district in Texas has (he right to claim an exemption of $5, 000 per year of the total assessed value of his house. Optional homestead exemptions may be offered by individual city or county governments. To qualify, you must have title to the property on January I of the tax year and reside in the house. An affidavit claiming the homestead exemption must be filed with the Dallas Central Appraisal District. For more information, call 631-0910.


For ZIP code information, call 647-2996 between 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. weekdays, for general information, call 741-5508 between 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. weekdays.


It’s not just a map of Dallas streets, it’s a bible for Dallasites new and old. MAPSCO is published in book form and is reissued and updated each January. MAPSCO is sold at office supply companies, bookstores, and selected grocery and drugstores. Suggested retail price: $21. 95. Call 521-2131 for more information.


For information on city bus routes or Hop-A-Bus, which services downtown Dallas, call DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) at 979-1111.

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. 574-8888, provides service for most major airlines. Dallas Love Field Airport, 670-6080; Addison Airport, 248-7733; and Dallas Red Bird Airport, 670-7612, also service the area.


Call 844-(any four numbers) to obtain the correct time and temperature.


For weather information on Dallas/Fort Worth, call 787-1111; for the rest of the country, call 787-1701.


Emergency-Police, Fire, Ambulance…911

Chamber of Commerce…746-6600

Dallas City Council Offices…670-4050

City Manager’s Office…670-3302

Major’s Office…670-4054

Consumer Protection Action Center…744-3600

Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Dallas…220-2000

City of Dallas Municipal Court Information Center…747-3800

Slate Highway Department…320-6100

Texas Department of Public Safety…226-7611

Housing and Neighborhood Services…670-5397

Dallas Park Department…670-4100

County Clerk…653-7131

County Assessor-Taxes…653-7811

Street and Sanitation Department…747-2600

Broken Water Mains…670-5700

Water Department…651-1441

Water Department-Emergencies…744-5005

TU Electric…653-1311

Lone Star Gas Company…741-3750


Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. 746-6700 Call or stop by the visitor’s bureau at Union Station or in the West End Marketplace for a free information guide on the many things to see and do in Dallas

Information and Referral Service. 747-3711, Sponsored by the United Way. this service specializes in health, counseling, welfare, financial aid. and recreation services. Also. there’s the Information and Referral Center of Plano, 422-1850.

Newcomers’ Club of Greater Dallas. 387-1220. LuLu Vasanthkumar, president. Social club with monthly luncheons, monthly coffees for new members, bridge, cooking groups, area tours, and a theater group, among other activities. Membership fee $15 per year; includes a newsletter.

North Dallas Newcomers’ Club. 387-1076. Janet Leamy, prospective members chair. Social club with 280 members, offering some 20 different activities, including luncheons, bridge, golf, and programs about the area. Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month.

Dallas County Medical Society. 948-3622. Callers are given the names of doctors in their area. The society can also provide the credentials (training, certifications, and age) of member doctors.

Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council. 550-1262. This agency will advise you of the hospital nearest vou and the various services area hospitals offer.

Dallas County Dental Society. 386-5741. A free dental referral service that is available from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Monday-Friday.

Lawyer Referral Service. 979-9090. Sponsored by the Dallas Bar Association, this service can arrange an appointment for $20 per 30-minute consultation.

Neighborhood Referral Service. 956-7255. A listing of reliable service people who can repair just about anything. (For North and Central Dallas. )



Dallas County Democratic Party: Ken Molberg, chairman, 6440 N. Central Expwy., Ste. 416, Dallas, Texas 75206. 891-1661.

Dallas County Republican Party: Tom James, chairman. 5646 Milton, Ste. 120, Dallas, Texas 75206. 369-9555.


For general information on district activities, call 824-5251. Dr. Marvin Edwards, superintendent, may be reached at 824-1620.


Members of the DART board are appointed by city councils of participating entities and the Dallas County Commissoners Court Each of the 25 board members serves a two-year term. The board meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. For more information, call 658-6237.


Annette Strauss. Mayor, 670-5658

Charles Tandy. District 1 (South Oak Cliff), 670-4199

Lori Palmer. District 2 (Central, Northwest, and West Dallas), 670-5415

Jerry Bartos, District 3 (Northwest Dallas), 670-3816

Max Wells, District 4 (Far North and Northeast Dallas), 670-4067

Glenn Box. District 5 (East Dallas), 670-4069

Dlane Ragsdale, District 6 (South Dallas). 6704048 John Evans,

District 7 (Southeast Dallas), 670-4052

Al Lipscomb, District 8 (Oak Cliff), 670-4066

Harriet Miers, District 9 (at large), 6704689

im Buerger, District 10 (at large), 6704050


Lee Jackson, Republican. County Judge, 653-7555

Jim Jackson. Republican, District 1, 247-1735

Nancy Judy. Republican, District 2, 240-1740

John Wiley Price. Democrat, District 3, 653-6671

Chris V. Semos, Democrat, District 4, 339-8381


Ted B. Lyon. Democrat, District 2, 270-9836

O. H. “Ike” Harris. Republican. District 8, 871-2700, (512)463-0108

David Sibley, Republican, District 9, 283-4405, (512) 463-0109

Chris Harris. Republican. District 10, (817) 861-9333

John N. Leedom, Republican, District 16, 969-5444

Eddie Bernice Johnson. Democrat. District 23, 942-0123

Mike Moncrief, Democrat, Fort Worth, District 12, (817) 338-9420


Jim Horn, Republican, District 59, 221-2773

Ben Campbell, Republican, District 61, 394-1994

Gwyn Shea. Republican, District 98, 259-3544

Kenny Marchant, Republican, District 99, 418-6100

Sam Hudson, Democrat, District 100, 744-5180

Anita Hill. Republican, District 101, 276-7167

will Hartnett, Republican, District 102, 698-1776

Steve D. Wolens, Democrat, District 103, 943-7232

Glenn Repp. Republican, District 104, 296-6969

Bill Blackwood, Republican, District 105, 289-0475

Bill Arnold, Democrat, District 106, 264-423I

David Cain, Democrat, District 107, 826-0160

Al Granoff, Democrat, District 108, 388-7435

John Carona, Republican, District 109, 783-4686 Fred Blair. Democrat, District 110, 372-0683

Jerald H. Larry, Democrat, District 111, 942-6367

Fred Hill. Republican, District 112, 234-8980

A. R. Ovard, Republican. District 113, 341-6634

Tony Goolsby, Republican, District 114, 385-8777


Dick Armey. Republican. District 26, 221-4527. Metro 817-461-2555

5am Johnson, Republican, District 3, 424-9497

Joe Barton. Republican, District 6, 875-8488, (817) 737-7737

John Bryant. Democrat. District 5, 767-6554

Martin Frost. Democrat. District 24, 767-2816


Lloyd M. Bentsen, Democrat, 767-0577

Phil Gramm, Republican, 767-3000