FEUDS When City Council member AL LIPSCOMS called County Commissioner JOHN WILEY PRICE’s radio show the night after Price’s confrontation with officer Robert BerNal, he was just trying to answer a question that was on many lips: Just where does Bernal live?

Because Bernal was jogging by Price’s house before their těte-à-těte, many callers to the KKDA-AM studio were wondering if he lived near Price. Some were convinced that Bernal lived in some distant part of town and was, as council member DIANE RAGSDALEwould put it, an “agent provocateur” who had gone far out of his way to bait Price. At first, Price and others mentioned Mesquite as Bernal’s home. There is a Robert Bernal listed in the Mesquite directory, but he’s not with the Dallas Police Department.

Then Lipscomb called to announce over the air what he said was Bernal’s Farmers Branch address. Lipscomb says Bernal’s license number was anonymously sent to him and that he tracked down the address by calling the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin.

DPS officials, however, say that while driver’s license records are open to the public, they are not to be given out over the phone except to certain law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI. Otherwise, they must be obtained either in person or by mail.

Oh, yeah, about that address-which we won’t repeat here. Lipscomb gave out an apartment number, 103. According to the apartment manager’s records, Bernal actually lived in apartment 101 until April 1989. when his six-month lease was up. According to police records, he now lives in Oak Cliff, within a few miles of Price. As for the people now in number 103, they’re an Oriental family. The son, the only family member who speaks any English, says he was wondering why several irritated people have been knocking on his door at night, asking for someone named Bob.


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