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Who says showers have to be dull or silly? Dallas is the shopping raecca of the Southwest. Certainly, one could never run out of gift-giving ideas. But just in case you need some help, here are a few gift-shower ideas we found especially appealing for the thirtysomething pair:

Romance Shower. Bring gifts conducive to keeping romance in the marriage, such as fine wines, CDs or tapes of romantic music, candlesticks, a jillion-piece jigsaw puzzle, or even a weekend in a good hotel (especially if the couple has children!) Be creative.

Entertainment Shower. Gift ideas in-clude favorite records or VCR tapes; movie tickets; season tickets for the opera, ballet, theatre or symphony; museum memberships; tickets to professional sports events; or perhaps a dining-out coupon book.

Shopping Shower. A thoughtful way to let couples choose their own gifts. Give gift certificates for their favorite stores, or if you’re unfamiliar with their shopping habits, pick a spot that might complement a hobby such as reading, music, running, sailing, or gourmet cooking.

Gardening Shower. Gift ideas include all kinds of gardening paraphernalia, such as tools, outdoor sculpture, plants or trees, gardening books, and birdfeeders. A nice group gift would be a year’s membership to the Dallas Arboretum or the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Keep items pertaining to recycling in mind as well.

Heirloom Shower. Definitely include the bride’s and groom’s entire families on this one; as many as you can gather up. The idea is for each guest to bring the couple an item that is sure to become a treasured item, such as an old family photograph in an antique frame, a hand-stitched sampler, a quilt, old love letters or recipes, etc. It’s a chance to pass along pieces of family heritage, and to establish new traditions.

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