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MEDIA Dear D Magazine: Whatever happened to the HELEN and DAVE BRYANT Show on KRLD radio?-Big Fan

Dear BF: All parties concerned loved the idea of a call-in show featuring a loving husband and wife duo who also happened to be two of the Metroplex’s best-read newspaper columnists. Once the shows started in late summer, however, it became apparent that Dallas Times Herald gossip meistress Helen didn’t much care for Fort Worth Star-Telegram opiner Dave’s pungent political commentary taking up most of the show. Dave, a Wrangler-wearin’, straight-talkin’ Cowtowner, ate up the chance to spout his West Texas wisdom. Helen, a please-all society/media type, chafed at Dave’s “foaming.” So Helen and Herald editor ROY BODE, who shared her concern, proceeded to pull the plug, leaving Dave furious. “Losing a forum for people to exchange views [on “reverse racism” in Dallas, crime, etc.] is a tragic loss,” he says. And more:

Dave on his friend Bode’s concern about the show’s politics: “I don’t give a f- what any editor east of Texas 360 thinks.”

Dave on Helen the Journalist: “Helen deals in ’silly quotient.1 She’s marshmallowy and toasty.”

Dave on Helen the Wife: “Working with my wife was the most terrible experience of my journalism career.”

Whew. No word on whether Dave’s talking to Helen, or she to him, or just who i on the sofa.