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POLITICS Call it celebrinomia. It’s the curious mixture of pleasure and pain you feel when someone who bears your name suddenly becomes famous for doing something you’re not quite sure you approve of.

The latest local to experience the phenomenon is 8-term state Rep. ANITA HILL, R-Garland, who name-shares with the University of Oklahoma law professor who accused Supreme Court nominee (now Justice) CLARENCE THOMAS of heavy-handed flirting, porno discussion, bad Coke jokes etc.

Hill knows that hers isn’t an exotic name; in fact, she says there are nine other Anita Hills at her Garland bank. But none of them have been used as a political football on national television. For several days during (’affaire Anita, Hill says, even telephone calls to strangers were a problem. “I’d say, This is Anita Hill,’ and they’d say, ’Uh-huh, sure it is.’”

At a reception for local state legislators, one male peer joked: “Anita, we didn’t know you’d say something like that. We’re really going to have to be careful around you now.” On reflection, though, Hill wasn’t offended. “When you’re my age [63], I don’t know if that’s a problem.”