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The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, with Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer (pictured), will air on Channel 13 at a special time-6 p.m.-during the week of August 19-23.
By Richard J. Meyer |

This month marks KERA’s first pledge drive of the new fiscal year. Public television stations such as Channel 13 are able to succeed through a remarkable voluntary partnership of funders. Our individual members provide the majority of our operating funds, and many corporations and foundations, which are vitally important, seek to determine that the individual support is there before making their grants.

The membership ratio for Channel 13 is one in 28 viewers. Our on-air appeals are the most straightforward and cost-effective way to reach viewers who watch, but are not members, and invite them to join the partnership that produces “TV worth watching. “

The results of our partnership are exceptional. This partnership helps us broadcast quality programs such as The Civil War, The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, Sesame Street, Nova and National. Geographic Specials to our viewers. It allows KERA to produce award-winning documentaries, specials and in-depth coverage of local issues, elections and candidates.

The partnership also promotes community involvement through outreach programs such as the highly successful A Better Childhood Quiz we broadcast in May. As part of KERA’s continuing Family Project, this program created viewer awareness of the needs of children within our community, while providing a call for action which resulted in more than 144, 000 pledged volunteer hours of community service to various family agencies in Dallas, Tarrant and Denton counties.

Members are public television’s single largest source of income. Our viewers have shown us they consider on-air appeals to be a fair price for the programming on public television. And while these appeals are designed to encourage new members to join Channel 13. we also want to remind you, our current members, of some of the services we make available to you during these pledge drives. MemberVision is the 2-5 a. m. rebroad-cast of our primetime programs without pledge-break interruptions-an opportunity to videotape your favorite programs and watch them at your convenience. Also, The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour will air at a special new time-6 p. m., with a repeat broadcast at 1 a. m. -during the week of August 19-23.

In this issue of Dial we have highlighted some new shows and old favorites, along with some of the thank-you gifts we have available for membership renewals. We also have included a special phone number (214) 699-5086 which allows you to renew your membership by credit card anytime during the night or day.

Members do make the difference to us, ana as Channel 13 continues to grow with our partnership, you’ll continue to enjoy the difference you make each and every day. Best wishes.