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By D Magazine |

It’s a scene straight out of a movie – ’ the elegant actress strolls quietly and serenely through a beautiful garden setting. But movie cliches far from describe Gardens of the World With Audrey Hepburn. The program is a guided tour of the spectacular rose gardens that grace France, England and Italy as well as a visit to the more formal European gardens in those countries. This hour-long special, which airs Sunday, August 18, at 7 p. m. on Channel 13, precedes the series of the same name which will premiere during the upcoming television season.

Filmed on location. Gardens of the World With Audrey Hepburn is a vision of harmony-harmony rich in color, melodic sounds and sculptured designs that create the natural, beautiful tapestry of a garden. The show begins by celebrating the rose-clearly a favorite flower around the world. Among the gardens featured are (he famed La Roseraie de L’Hay-les-Roses south of Paris; the rose collection at Mottifont Abbey Garden in Hampshire. England; and the climbing roses at Giardino del Ninfa in Italy.

A look at more formal gardens takes Hepburn to the Renaissance gardens of Italy, including Villa Gamberaia. Villa Lante and Villa la Pietra; the grand 17th-century gardens of France, including Chateau de Courances and Versailles; and the 20th-century formal gardens of England, including Hidcote Manor.

At each location, Hepburn extends an invitation to appreciate art, philosophy, botany, architecture and history in pursuit of beauty. Audrey Hepburn is recognized world wide as an award-winning actress and as a special goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, Hepburn agreed to film Gardens of the World because, “It’s such a lovely thing to be able to do… I feel that the environment is terribly important. I work for UNICEF, and you really can’t separate children from the environment. It’s about something that I’m deeply concerned with.

“The vocabulary of gardens is remarkably both an individual and collective one, ” she says. “By looking at the world through its gardens today, we reaffirm the simple human capacity to create beauty on the earth. I’m just hoping that this program will succeed in giving people the chance to experience beauty, to understand how important it is to take good care of nature and to provide a little relief from all the worries that we have in our world today. “

Audrey Hepburn has written a foreword for the series’ companion book. Gardens of the World. Rich photographs and informative descriptions complement a showcase of gardens around the world. This companion book is available to Channel 13 members this month for a membership renewal of $240. Viewers can also receive a VHS cassette of the special, Gardens of the World With Audrey Hep-burn. for a membership renewal of $120. To renew your membership by phone, call (214) 669-5086.