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By W.K. Stratton |

SPORTS The best quarterback ever to call Dallas home is. . . TERRY BRADSHAW, of course. For two years now the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the Seventies, arguably the NFL’s all-time greatest team, has lived in Westlake, to be near D/FW airport.

But-brace yourself now-some cantankerous Cowboy fans have not exactly welcomed Bradshaw, now a CBS sportscaster, to his adopted home town. Over the years, he has awakened to find his driveway gates welded shut and the brick wall around the front of his place “sledgeham-mered.” More than once, as Bradshaw has been out for his early-morning runs, drivers have sighted the bobbing, gold-fringed pate ahead of them and run him off the road. And youngsters love to say, “Gee, Mr. Staubach, would you mind giving me your autograph?”

Bradshaw shrugs off the flak. “I’ve always been a fighter. I’ve always liked a challenge.” Besides, he knows that Bradshaw-led Steeler teams went 4-for-4 against Roger staubach and the Cowboys, including two Super Bowl victories.

The high point of Bradshaw’s broadcasting career came earlier this year during CBS’s coverage of the Super Bowl. After pigskin pundits carried on about what the Denver Broncos would have to do to defeat the San Francisco 49’ers, Bradshaw announced that there was nothing the Broncos could do: defeat was inevitable. “I just got sick and tired of people sugarcoating things,” Bradshaw declares, adding that his bluntness got him “in a lotta trouble.” The Niners’ 55-10 blowout, however, proved him correct.

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