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By Brad Bailey |

CHANGES Pretty soon, Herbert and Bunker Hunt’s little stint of handling public relations at auctions for their bankrupt former empire-for the mere sum of $300,000 a year-will be over. And now that their billions are ancient history, one of Bunker’s attorneys, RUSSELL MUNSCH. even suggested that H.L.’s less-promising progeny might have to seek (huff, puff) actual employment.

Like what? Trade in silver? Hey, those days are over. Her-bie and the Bunkster were allowed to keep just about enough of that to eat with, plus maybe the Fillings in their teeth.

Investment banking? Yeah, Right. You go first.

Sell used cars? Richard Nixon and George Steinbrenner could move ’em outta the showroom quicker.

But it’s a safe bet the bro’s could hook on at the Bronco Bowl. After all, until their recent troubles, they each owned a third of the stock in the company that owns the Bronco along with their sibling, Lamar, who’s still got his third.

Lamar is bright enough to know that, as long as he steers them away from the books and keeps them busy clearing fouled automatic pin-setters, chasing down stalled gutter-balls, and handing out shoes a size too large, his brothers probably can’t get into too much trouble. It’s hard to cause a market collapse in a bowling alley. Unless they start cheating on score sheets, or buying up all the beer.