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By Sally Giddens |

MEDIA Funny, we’ve always thought of defense attorney DOUG MULDER as one of those people who believes no publicity is bad publicity as long as it’s spelled M-U-L-D-E-R. Mulder, well known as the attorney to such infamous types as WALKER RAILEY and JOY AYLOR, is a common fixture in daily newspaper courthouse reports and has been prominently featured in this magazine several limes over the years, most recently in a full-fledged portrait that appeared in April of 1989. So. when Mulder became a Dallas Morning News “High Profile” victim in July, we were surprised to read the following: ” I like to win,’ [Mulder| says, in a rare interview.”

Rare? Just how rare?

Well, a computer scan reveals that since January of 1988 the reclusive Mulder has been mentioned in The Dallas Morning News alone 75 times. In fewer than ten of those 75 articles, Mulder either refused to comment or could not be reached for comment, But “rare”? Maybe “High Profile” writer DIANE JENNINGS had in mind Webster’s third definition of the word: “to be eager, enthusiastic, etc.”

Or maybe the interviews are rare because reporters have to know where to look for Mulder. Morning News court reporter ANNE BELLI seems to have no trouble Finding Mulder on a weekly basis in court, in the courthouse hallways, or outside the grand jury hearing room. And in August of 1989, reporter bill MINUTAGLIO managed to corner Mulder in the now-defunct Idle Rich bar.

Of late, we seem to find Mulder most often in his car. Via Metrocell, he told us recently that his interview policy is simple.

“I generally try to return phone calls as a courtesy and then not comment.”