BUSINESS Dallasites who enjoyed rubbing elbows with ALLEN QUESTROM during his short tenure as president and CEO of Neiman Marcus may get another chance to chat, if Neiman’s attorneys get their way. They want to bring the natty and colorful Questrom back to testify in their pending lawsuit against his present employer, Federated Department Stores.

Questrom was lured away this year to rebuild the department store chain (and parent to Bloomingdale’s) after it filed for Chapter 11. And Neiman’s charges that in so doing. Federated “intentionally and with malice” interfered with its contract with Questrom. In layman’s terms, Federated doubled Questrom’s $6 million contract to get him to leave.

Now Neiman’s thinks the Questrom touch is worth $19 million in damages, actual and exemplary. Questrom’s best Armani is no doubt pressed and ready for court, but so far, he doesn’t know where to take the suit-and neither do the attorneys involved. Federated wants the trial in Cincinnati, where it employs a battery of attorneys and where it already is in bankruptcy court. Not surprisingly, Neiman’s thinks it has a better chance on home turf.


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