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Beaujolais mania is mounting as wine enthusiasts anxiously await the release of this year’s vintage of le Beaujolais Nou-vaau. To celebrate the arrival of the new wine. La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe is host-Ing free wine tastings and a “Ie Beaujolais Nouveau Celebration” Thursday, Nov. 15, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at these select Dallas locations; 3072 Mockingbird Lane (696-0800) and 3906 Lemmon Ave. (521-0182).


new Faces Fine dining is sometimes compared to good theater-both rely on a well-designed combination of setting, lighting, and action. A fine palette, as well as a fine palate, set the stage at Bravo, the recently opened New American cafe and bar in the old Crackers location on McKinney, “We want Bravo to be what the diner perceives it to be,” says Lisa Kramer (shown here), who co-owns the restaurant with Mirek Von Springer. “But we want to pique their imagination.” Dallas painter Margaret Ryan has set a different scene In each room of the old house: rows of painted books line the shelves of a faux library; schools of painted fish swim the walls of the aquarium; black-and-white curtains painted on the walls flutter in imaginary breezes; and tuxedoed waiters come and go past (not through) the kitchen doors.

-Mary Brown Malouf

Bravo’s trompe I’oeil interior was achieved with help from Ann Fox of Room Service fame. The results are a veritable feast for the eyes.

Heaven, Due North

On The road Go north about 27 miles or so. take a left on FM 720, and a few blocks later, you’ll find The Abbey, a turn-of-the-century church that’s been lovingly restored and transformed into a restaurant. The bill of fare’s country-inspired, its listings set off in such near-cute categories as Devotionals (grilled and fried entrées), Inspirations (chicken-fried steak, charbroiled chicken, and other special platters). Fellowships (side dishes), and Temptations (desserts). Nothing cute about the food, though- servings are vast, preparations claim to be from scratch, and the salad bar’s offerings, while fairly standard, were super-fresh on our visit.

Two can dine at The Abbey handily for less than $20, and if you make it in around midday on Saturday or Sunday, the bountiful weekender breakfast/ brunch is a bargain and a half at $6.95.

Alcohol is served via an extra-chargemembership, but Fresh-brewed iced teaand coffee struck us as more suitable,somehow, in these once-Baptistsurroundings. The Abbey Restaurant andClub, 7185 Main, Frisco. 335-3812.Inexpensive. -Betty Cook

Dining Out With The (Gasp!) Kids pet peeves I’m a member of many majoritíes-whíte, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, middle-income, divorced-so only seldom have I felt the slightest sting of prejudice. That is, unless I do something socially unacceptable, like take my children out to eat at a “nice” restaurant. Then I regularly receive the welcome 1 thought restaurateurs reserved for cockroaches or, more precisely, health inspectors. Eating is my job, so our family meals are often eaten out. And, maybe it’s weird, but I have this idea, that dining in public is part of a child’s education. 1 also think most children’s behavíor ís better than the maítre d’s usual wincing warrants.

Over the years. I have learned some lessons: I can take them anyplace that has a patio-it’s always more casual outside and messes are easier to clean up. New American bistros like City Cafe, Quadrangle Grill, Deep Ellum Cafe, Lakewood Plaza Grill, or Brazos are usually safe-the food is interesting to the grown-ups, but not too strange for the kids. Ethnic restaurants are always good. Japanese and Chinese places have a soothing atmosphere without real formality, chopsticks can be fun, and Japanese hibachis even provide a show. But Indian restaurants are the surprise favorite for our family-the food is exotic (but you can order a drumstick), and everyone always seems delighted by our children. They’re actually greeted with a smile and treated with respect-the kind of service that keeps you coming back, with or without the kids.

-Mary Brown Malouf



We can’t stop now-the season’s gaining on us. But we can brake for basics now and then. When the pace shifts into high gear, steal a halfhour for what every mother’s child knows is the most restorative winter comfort food ever invented: a great bowl of sturdy, hot soup.

Some of our favorites that never fail to take the chill off:

Highland Park Cafeteria’s vegetable -a classic conglomeration of every healthy thing grown under the sun, simmered fresh dally. $1.49.3 Homier still: chicken noodle on Tuesdays, $1.75. 4611 Cole at Knox.

Javier’s black bean-a heady puree of stock-scented legumes, topped with molten cheese and in-dulgent wedges of watch out. This is an addictive substance. $2.95. 4912 Cole.

Knox Street Pub’s beef stew-a hungry man’s ticket to paradise, chunky with meat, potatoes, carrots, and onion in a thick, no-nonsense broth, $3.25. 3230 Knox.

La Madeleine’s French onion-the tradition lives, in rich-golden-brown stock laced with tender-crisp onion rings, threaded with molten cheese under a toasted crouton crown, $2.75. 3072 W. Mockingbird and other Dallas locations.

Thai Lanna’s chicken coconut-if your mama was Asian, she could have given you nothing better than this innard-winning marriage of soothing loaded with curls of in a flaming hotpot. She’d have told you. too, to share yours with a friend-for two, $6.50. 4315 two, $6.50. 4315 Bryan. -Batty Cook


Mai’s Return a Stellar Success

MAI’S CUISINE Lots of us learned to love Vietnamese food by eating our way through the menu at Mai’s original restaurant on Bryan, one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in Dallas. The food was good and the service friendly, and both were watched over by the smiling and efficient Mai.

She sold the place on Bryan three years ago (although for some reason it still carries her name) and recently opened a new, more ambitious restaurant farther uptown and more upscale. Mai’s Cuisine is large and pretty, painted pastel pink and blue and adorned with Orientalia. There is a short, inexpensive wine list and a selection of beers, a welcome amenity for those who were used to brown-bagging it at Mai’s old place. And the menu is enticingly extensive, inviting exploration.

Over the course of several visits, we conducted an informal “roll-tasting,” sampling Vietnamese rolls (fried like egg rolls); Imperial rolls, shrimp, pork, vermicelli, and sprouts rolled in translucent rice paper; and simpler summer rolls, rice paper wrapped around pork, cilantro, and lettuce. All come with a platter of greens-lettuce, cilantro, mint, and sometimes basil-and the idea is to wrap and roll, then dip the package in nuoc chaM or spicy peanut sauce. The cool taste of the greens is especially good with the egg rolls-it cuts the richness and helps hold things together.

A wonderful, slightly weird hot-pot held plenty of soup for two-the combination of shrimp, fish, tomatoes, celery, sprouts, and pineapple chunks was a surprise success, blending into a tangy-sweet broth. Most entrees were meant to be single servings, though sharing is irresistible. Pale gold chunks of baked chicken were piled next to a deeper gold dish of fried, sticky rice (ga xoi mo chien), a rich, delicious dish. The shrimp on sugar cane is a favorite, the slightly gelatinous shellfish molded around sticks of cane. The succulent boned catfish was broiled in onion oil and scattered with crushed peanuts and snipped scallions; in a surprise departure, this came with translucent bean curd pancakes-we assumed for more fish rolling. A Chinese-influenced stir-fry of beef with hot chili packed the most heat of anything we tried-generally, Vietnamese food isn’t as hot as Thai or Szechwan dishes-but the effect was balanced by an abundance of fragrant lemon grass. There are three vegetarian dishes available-the mixed vegetables with fried tofu was our choice.

We often opt for ice cream elsewhere after a Vietnamese dinner, since many times the usual selection (canned fruits over ice and honey crunch}) reminds us of school lunchroom desserts, Eastern-style. But the fried, honey-sweetened bananas here were a treat-maybe we can brown-bag some ice cream, next time, for a la mode. 4814 Greenville Ave. (at University). 739-5424. All credit cards. Inexpensive.

-Mary Brown Malouf

Authentic Mex

Los Arcos Recently, Dallas has been blessed by a wave of new Mexican restaurants that offer authentic ethnic dishes but still appeal to mainstream customers. Los Arcos seems to be another, with a warm welcome from manager Theo Bazan and good work in the kitchen from chef Javier Arriaga and his staff. (Kinks in the service were still being worked out in the early days of the place, but the friendly atmosphere seemed to guarantee eventual satisfaction.)

We didn’t visit on a weekend, when we could have tried that great Mexican hangover-chaser, menudo. Everything we did sample, though, was very good. Both the chicken quesadillas and the flautitas made satisfying appetizers. In a combination of one beef and one cheese enchilada, the creamy cheese version won out, and the beef-filled chile relleno had obviously been made from a fresh, picante chile poblano. But the best items we tasted at Los Arcos were both seafood. The camarones diablo-sautéed shrimp with chile cascabel sauce-lived up to their name with a delightfully devilish spiciness. The garlic snapper was truthfully labeled, too; the nicely sautéed fillets were inundated by an assertive topping of coarsely chopped garlic blended with lemon juice and herbs. A cup of soupy pinto beans made a pleasantly bland chaser. 3308 Ross Ave. 826-5020. Ail credit cards. Moderate.

-W.L. Taitte



D Revisits Cardinal Puff’s. Its hard to believe that such an enchanted, if noisy, cottage-complete with a large, table-filled garden-can exist in a nook between busy Greenville Avenue and even busier Central Expressway. The meaty. perfectly grilled burgers, which hang out over their buns, add to the enchantment. The menu notes that most of the kitchen staff comes from the interior Mexican city of San Luis Potosi. In fact, there’s a whole section of Mexican specialties, including excellent flautas (in unusual flour-tortilla shells) and less impressive enchiladas potosinos (red tortillas rolled around grilled chicken). Those in the mood for something lighter than beef or Mexican food will enjoy the marinated chicken breast accompanied by chunky, fresh fruit salad. 4615 Greenville Ave. 369-1969. Inexpensive. -W.L.T.


D Revisits Copeland’s. Citizens who live and playsouth of the LBJ border until lately have had to travel farnorthward to indulge their appetites for Copeland’s Cajunfare. No more-the popular New Orleans-rooted eatery hasopened its second Dallas location in the McKinney/Knoxneighborhood. The bad news is that we had to give upBrasserie Calluaud to gel it: the good news is that thisCopeland’s. unless memory’ fails me. serves up fare that isa shade better than that on Belt Line. An appetizer of spicy,fresh Louisiana blue crab claws was so toothsomely sauced.the crisp little toasts served with it were inadequate to satisfyour craving to sop. Succulent rounds of grilled Andouillesausage in brown sugar glaze were served sans breadaltogether; on request, a warm French loaf was brought-and charged for as an extra at meal’s end. a surprisinglypaltry touch. Never mind-my grilled fish of the day waswonderful, a fine, flaky fillet of Corvina. a South Americanwhite fish similar to redfish. And my companion’s shrimpducky rose above its cutesy name, the sautéed shrimp toppedwith roast duckling strips in a rich burgundy sauce thatlooked dark and heavy, but tasted terrific. Red-hot newpotatoes served alongside my fish were piquant with crab-boil seasoning: the shrimp’s bed of rice was properly moistand well seasoned. The chocolate glacé dessert we sharedat our waiter’s insistence was a gratifying orgy-a hugegoblet lined with chocolate fudge, stacked with Mexicanvanilla ice cream on an Oreo cookie, and drizzled with warmcaramel, glazed pecans, and toasted coconut. Service couldnot have been nicer, and the pretty place-all bleached woodand peach tablecovers, highlighted by an alligator made ofMardi Gras beads slung over the handsome bar-conveyeda relaxed ambience I hope won’t change as the inevitablecrowds come rolling in. 4544 McKinney Ave. 522-9170.Inexpensive to moderate. -Betty Cook


D Revisits Pat’s Park Cities. For a deli a few doors down from the venerable Kuby’s to stay in business, you know it has to have something going for it besides the mapsand photos of the eponymous municipalities on the wall.Pal’s secrets are simple: good soups, salads, and sand-wiches, with low-cal yogurt desserts as a bonus. Soups rangefrom a thick clam chowder to a refreshingly tart gazpacho.The hot sandwich we sampled-Chicago cheese steak,served au jus for dipping-proved a hearty lunch dish. Butequally enticing was the light, crisp hoagy with thinly slicedham, cheese, and salami, dressed with shredded lettuce,paper-thin tomato, and vinaigrette. 6617 Snider Plata. 363-7797. Inexpensive. -W.L.T.


D Revisits L’Entrecote. The salivary glands begin working as soon as you start to read the menu: who could resist the poetry of “Sautéed Boudin of Lobster with Wild Mushrooms. Warm Leek Salad with White Port and Opal Basil Sauce?” Chef Michel Bernard Platz’s nouvelle Alsatian creations, liberally garnished with sprays of fresh herbs and edible flowers, are sometimes oversubtle, but always executed with precision. They are probably most satisfying when the main foodstuffs are naturally assertive, as ín the case of the superb filet of buffalo wíth fíve peppercorns and juniper berries. The millefeuille of lamb with those tiny French flageolet beans could have used more oomph in the sauce of Alsatian pinot noir and roasted gar-lic cloves. Desserts tend to be undersweet for American tastes-the raspberry pie with cinnamon souffle, baked to order and served with frontage blanc ice cream, was sab-olaged by the tartness of the berries uncompensated by the other components. The Alsatian kougelhopf of raisins and kirsch ice cream was more satisfying, but misnamed-this was ice cream in the shape of a kougelhopf. but with none of the cake for which it was named. The service at L’Entrecote is as polished and subtle as the cuisine. LoewsAnatole Hotel, 2201 Summons Fray. 761-7410 for reservations. Very expensive. -W.L.T.

D Revisits Reynier’s French Bakery. This far North Dallas purveyor of napoleons and butter-crème cukeshits once again begun serving dinner. Crisp salads with acreamy mustard vinaigrette precede the entrées. which rangefrom shrimp Provencale (a rather coarse version, with largepieces of tomato and onions, but with a formidable numberof medium size shrimp) to steak with a light, lemony Béar-miise. For fish-lovers, the lightly sautéed tilapia meuniereis a good example of an old French technique applied to anew kind of foodstuff. And for dessert, of course, there isa wide selection of the bakery’s goodies, plus both light anddark chocolate mousses and a well-made crème caramel. 434 Spanish Village, Arapaho at Coit. 387-9063. Inexpensive to moderate. -W.L.T.


D Revisits Kostas Restaurant and Taverna. The festive atmosphere can almost convince you that the shoresof Bachman Late bear some resemblance to those of (hewine-dark Aegean-or maybe it’s just the bouzouki musicand the anticipation of the dancing girts, who start gyratingtowards nine o’clock. The food helps along the gaiety, start-ing with the flashily served saganaki (hard cheese first friedand then flamed) and an appetizer platter that includes goodversions of pastitsio (a Greek pasta casserole) and dolmas(stuffed grape leaves). One unusual entree here is (he shrimpNicholas-saute’ed with fresh mushrooms and served overfettuccine tossed with feta cheese, The real delight, Dallas’s best version of moussaka, layers of eggplant,tomato, and meat baked with a creamy topping. We weredevastated that they were sold out of our favorite pastry, thecustard-rilled galaktobouriko, and thai we had to settle fora rather tough, soggy buklava. 2755 Bachman. 351-4592.Moderate to expensive. -W.L.T.


D Revisits Good Eats Cafe. This Oak Lawn eating house (there arc other locations, one in the West End) is popular-there’s generally a crowd, though nut usually an unreasonable wait-for it. unpretentious, down-home menu and prices so low you could call them cheap. The service is quick and accommodating, and the clientele ranges from families with children (that’s us) to artsy Oak Lawn resi-dcnls. I appreciate being able to choose a plate of Southern-style vegetables or a healthy fish special: there are days when a big chicken-fried steak platler or a hefty burger with thick-cm fries are more in order. Unfortunately, on our lust visit. the cuts weren’t as good as they should be. Chicken put pie. covered with an unusually thin crisp crust, held plenty of chicken and vegetables, but the thin gravy was unfortunately bland. Broccoli was cocked to the point of disintegration. while green beans were tough. The burger was good, but the banana pudding was pasty. Better eats next time. I hope. 3531 Oak Lawn Ave. 522-3287. Inexpensive. -M.B.M.

D Revisits Dovies. The setting is undeniably charming and quilt a surprise; the old house is set on a grassy rise behind a typical Addison business strip and parking lot. Owned at one time by World War II hero Audie Murphy. the house has been beautifully refurbished; we especially liked the back dining room, with its wood floors, huge fireplace, unusual ceiling fans. and view of the trellised deck. I’m sorry that neither the food nor the service fulfilled the promise of the setting. The pace was excruciatingly sIow. though our waiter was friendly and helpful enough. The menu is sort of upscale down-home-it includes pot roast, but doesn’t get down as fur as fried chicken. Our dinner started well enough, with crisp fried mozzarella and a tangy marinara dipping sauce and a surprisingly good ceviche. full of firm fish. Light, sweet biscuits were tasty, too. But the veal chop special was dry. and the “oven cooked” potato slices hadn’t been cooked long enough 1o lose their interior crunch. A serving of parched pot roast wasn’t helped by its tasty gravy, and the crinkle-tut carrot slices were tough. Deserts didn’t turn out any belter-peach cobbler was over-spiced and overcooked with a crust that was both soggy and tough, and the banana pudding was somehow dry-tasting. 14671 Midway Rd. 233-9846. Inexpensive to moderate. -M.B.M.

D Revisits Highland Park Pharmacy. What more is there to say about the venerable pharmacy? No surprise-it hadn’t changed a bit since the last time I went there, and not appreciably since the first time I went there. Time-lessness is pun of Us draw, though it also appeals to those toyoung to feel nostalgia lor drugstore soda fountains andlunch counters. This is a great place In eat by yourself-it’squick. the food is uncomplicated and comforting, and no onewill tsk-tsk if most of your meal is a chocolate milkshake orsoda. it’s fun to watch the efficient counter help flip thegrilled cheese sandwiches, and manhandle monster cans ofHershey syrup and to listen to the nearly-lost lingo-apimento cheese is a “Palm Beach.” [just hope there are nochanges between now and my next visit. 3229 Knox St.521-2126. Inexpensive. -M.B.M.


D Revisits La Suprema Tortilleria. It’s ironic that La Suprema has become famous for its health food tortillas-they’re made with all kinds of materials, like wheat brun, and softened with canola oil instead of lard, and you can find them in supermarkets all over the city. When you actually make the pilgrimage to the restaurant in its lightly made-over garage in an unfashionable part of town, you discover that most of the exotic organic tortillas, even when freshly made, really don’t taste very good, But the rest of the food is superb. A bile of the ceviche tostada appetizer is like a breath of wind from the Gulf of Mexico, and the standard Tex-Mex items are as good as you will find any where. Carne guisada is a distinguished-flavorful. but not too spicy-beef stew, and the barbacoa enchiladas are a taste worth acquiring (the slow-cooked, nan-smoky Mexican barbecue usually disappoints gringos who try it for the first lime, but the flavor is intriguing if you can get by your preconceptions). On this visit, the only disappointment was a lamb fajitas platter that didn’t live up to (he glamour of its original-sounding premise, though it was inoffensive enough. For dessert, you can go with a healthy fruit plate (including even some kiwi fruit) or with the more filling sopapilla. 7630 Military Parkway. 388-I244. Inexpensive to moderate. -W.L.T.


D Revisits By George! The exclamation point is their. but I’m happy to echo the affectation-By George! is one New American eatery that sends no one away hungry. My companion’s escargot appetizer was a substantial serving of the juicy little morsels, sautéed with tart artichoke hearts. mushrooms, and red bell pepper in garlic cilantro butter, topped with a hint of asiago cheese. My soup of the day. a heady blend of poblano and cream cheese, was thin andpleasantly pungent, swìmmìng wìth crdìsps of celery andshallots. A day’s-special fillet of sole was rivaled in flavorand silken texture by the half-dozen lovely scallops thatshared its delicate Chardonnay cream sauce. A grilledchicken breast served on alfredo-sauced linguini was happily augmented with provolone and Parmesan cheeses.Honestly, we couldn’t have touched dessert if we hadn’t beenhypnotized by the beauty of a seductive wedge of chocolatemall cake; fortunately for our collective guilt quotient, theairy creation turned out to be less Tilling than we feared.although every bit as flavorful as it looked. Service wasamiably paced, and the house habit of greeting the newlyseated with plaintain chips and salsa deserved an approvingexclamation point all its own. 2900 Greenville Ave. 82I-I538.Moderate. -B.C.

D Rovisits Dover’s Grille. One’s first impression. entering the Doubletree Park West hotel, is of vast, movie-set splendor: faux columns line prairie-wide hallways, fool-the-eye painted windows overlook Old World vistas, soaring ceilings recede into the distance overhead. Happily for dining comfort, the grandeur is tempered in the hotel’s flagship restaurant by glass-and-dark wood partitions that separate perimeter tables into cozy islands of intimacy. Happily, loo, service is home-style cordial and eager to please: our waiter’s regret over several computer-caused kitchen delays seemed touchingly genuine. We’d have found precious little to complain about if some of our dishes hadn’t departed from the Asian-accented American menu: an appetizer of smoked rare beef, for instance, was hotly spiked with Japanese-style horseradish, but the sauce held no suggestion of the cheese it was said to contain. Bermuda chowder with dark rum was richly flavored and crowded with clams, but the promised piquance of “island heat sauce” was missing. A fine brace of double lamb chops was appropriately zipped with apple apricot chutney, but the grilled jalapeno polenta that influenced us to order it was replaced with rather ho-hum rice pilaf. The discrepancies were minor, though, in a meal that also included, among high points, a wilted spinach salad flawlessly dressed in pecan vinaigrette: a grilled escobar fillet, light and flaky under New Zealand mussels and scallops in spicy Thai sauce; an absolutely perfect mocha crème brulée, its glazed lop flung with chocolate cotfee beans. Our only unforgivable disappointment was a horridly fishy Caesar salad; avoid it. and order instead the very Japanese starter tailed yaki-soba-buckwheat noodles and many vegetables in a marvelouslv subtle citrus-tanged garlic-and-sesame sauce. Doubletree Hotel at Park West, 1590 LBJ at Luna. 869-4300. Moderate to expensive. -B.C.




Safi’s Afghan Cuisine. 14849 Inwood. Addison. 991-9292. Moderate.


Anderson’s Barbecue House. 5410 Harry Hines Blvd. (across from Parkland) 630-0735. Inexpensive.

Austin’s Barbecue. 2321 W. Illinois. 337-2242. Inex-pensive.

Baker’s Ribs. 2724 Commerce- 748-5433. Inexpensive.

Blue Ribbon B-B-Q. 316 Hillside Village (Mockingbird and Abrams). 823-5524. Inexpensive.

Bobo’s. 2014 Greenville Ave. S24-3I65. Inexpensive.

Bob Willy’s. 1933 Preston. Plano. 596-0903. Inexpensive to moderate.

Bubba’s Texas Bar-B-Q. 4208 Live Oak. 821-7062. Inexpensive.

Gene’s Stone Pit Bar B Que. 1002 Canton. 939-9419. Inexpensive.

Peggy Sue BBQ. 6600 Snider Plaza. 987-9189. Inex-pensive.

Riscky’s Barbeque. 1701 N. Market. Suite 104. 742-7001. Inexpensive to moderate.

Roscoe’s Easy Way. 5420 Lemmon Ave. 528-8459. Inexpensive.

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse. 2202 Inwood. 357-7120. Inexpensive.

Spring Creek B-B-Q. 270 N. Central Expwy.. Richardson. 669-0505. Inexpensive.

TNT Bar-B-Que. 2739 W. Northwest Hwy. 352-6666. Inexpensive.


Jennivine. 3605 McKinney Ave. 528-6010. Moderate to expensive.

Messina’s Restaurant and Culinary Centre. 3521 Oak Grove at Lemmon Ave. 528-4709. Moderate to expensive.

Lancashire Room. 127 E. Main St., Lancaster. 218-9215. Inexpensive to moderate.


Ball’s Hamburgers. 3404 Rankin in Snider Plaza. 373-1717. Inexpensive.

The Bronx. 3835 Cedar Springs. 521-5821. Inexpensive.

Chip’s. 4501 N. Central Expwy. 526-1092. 2445 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 101. 350-8751. Inexpensive.

Club Schmitz. 9661 Denton Dr. 902-7990. Inexpensive. 8.0. 2800 Routh St. 979-0880. Inexpensive.

Hard Rock Cafe. 2601 MeKinney Ave. 855-0007. Moderate.

Prince of Hamburgers. 5200 Lemmon Ave. 526-9081. Inexpensive.

Purdy’s. 4812 Belt Line. Addison. 960-2494. 1403 E. Campbell. Suite 101. Richandson. 480-0288. 2200 Walnut Hill at Story Ln. 255-6447. Inexpensive.

Sneakers Grille and Bar. 9247 Skillman. 343-1125. Inexpensive to moderate.

Snuffer’s. 3526 Greenville Ave. 826-6850. 14910 Midway. Addison. 991-8811. Inexpensive.

Texas Hamburgers. 1606 Market Center Blvd. 747-2222. Inexpensive.


Arcadia Bar & Grill. 2114 Greenville Ave. 821-1300. Inexpensive.

Atchafalaya River Cafe. 4440 Beit Line, Addison. 960-6878. Moderate.

Cafe Margaux. 4216 Oak Lawn. 520-1985. Moderate.

Crescent City Cafe. 2730 Commerce. 745-1900. Inexpensive.

Dodie’s Seafood Cafe. 2129 Greenville Ave. 821-8890. Inexpensive.

Louìsìana Purchase. 2901 N. Central Expwy. at Parker Rd., Plano. 423-0533. Inexpensive to moderate.

Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse. 14951 Midway Rd., Addison. 701-9622. Moderate.


August Moon. 15030 Preston at Belt Line. 385-7227. 2300 N. Central Expwy. Piano. 881-0071. Moderate.

Beijing Grill. 2200 Cedar Springs in The Crescent. Suite148. 871-6868. Moderate to expensive.

Cafe Panda. 7979 In wood. Suite 121. 902-9500. Moderate.

Cathy’s Wok. 40l0 W. 15th, Suite 80, Plano. 964-0406. Inexpensive.

Canton. 400 N. Greenville Ave., Suite 25. Richardson. 238-1863. Inexpensive.

Chef Wang. 9330 N. Central Expwy., United Artists Plaza. 373-1403. Moderate to expensive.

Chu’s Restaurant. 15080 Beltway (off Belt Line be-tween Addison and Midway Rds.), Addison. 387-1776. Moderate.

Crystal Pagoda. 4516 McKinney Ave, 526-3355. Moderate.

First Chinese B-B-Q. Ill S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, 680-8216. Inexpensive.

Hong Kong Royale. 221 W. Polk. Richardson. 238-8888 Moderate to expensive.

May Dragon. 4848 Belt Line at Inwood. 392-9998. Moderate.

Restaurant Jasmine. 4002 Bell Line. Suite 200. Ad-dison. 991-6867. Moderate.

Snow Pea. 2007 Abrame Pkwy. (off Gaston). 824-4354. Inexpensive

Szechwan pavilion. 8411 Preston. 368-4303. 1152 N. Buckner, Suite 128, Casa Linda Plaza, Garland Rd. at Buckner. 321-7599. Inexpensive to moderate.

Taiwan Restaurant. 4980 Belt Line. Addison. 387-2333. 6111 Greenville Ave. 369-8902. Moderate.

Tasty China. 3514-A W. Walnut. Garland. 276-1999. Inexpensive.

Taton. 9243 Skillman. Suite 104. 343-0545. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tong’s. II66I Preston. Suite 143. 361-6588. Moderate.

Tong’s House. 1910 Promenade Center. Richardson. 231-8858. Moderate.

Uncle Tai’s. 13350 Dallas Parkway in the Galleria. 934-9998. Expensive.


River Nile. 7001 Fair Oaks. 363-1128. Inexpensive to moderate.


Cafe Le Jardin. 4900 McKinney Ave. 526-0570. Moderate to expensive.

Chez Gerard. 4444 McKinney Ave. 522-6865. Moderate.

Clair de Lune. 5934 Royal Lane, Suite 120. 987-2028. Moderate to expensive.

Ewald’s. Stoneleigh Hotel, 2927 Maple Ave. at Wolf. 871-2523. Expensive.

The French Room. The Adolphus Hotel. 1321 Com-merce. 742-8200. Expensive.

The Grape. 2808 Greenville Ave. 828-1981. Moderate.

La Madeleine. 3072 W. Mockingbird. 696-6960. 3906 Lemmon. 521-0182. NorthPark Mall. 696-2398. Inexpensive.

L’Ancestral. 4514 Travis. 528-1081. Moderate.

Le Brussels. 6615 Snider Plaza. 739-1927. Moderate.

Les Saisons. 165 Turtle Creek Village. 528-1102. Expensive

The Old Warsaw. 2610 Maple. 528-0032. Very expensive.

The Riviera. 7709 Inwood. 351-0094. Very expensive.

Watel’s. 1923 McKinney Ave. 720-0323. Moderate to expensive.

York St. 6047 Lewis St. (off Skiltman at Live Oak). 826-0968 Moderate to expensive.


Cafe Athene. 5365 Spring Valley at Montfort, Suite I5U 239-8060. Moderate.

Belvedere. 4242 Lomo Alto. 528-6510. Expensive.

Bohemia. 2810 N. Henderson. 826-6209. Moderate.

The Chimney. 9739 N. Central Expwy. 369-6466. Expensive.

Franki’s Li’l Europe. 362 Casa Linda Plaza. Garland Rd. at Buckner 320-0426. 2515 McKinney Ave. 953-0426. Inexpensive to moderate.

Hofstetter’s. Plaza at Bachman Creek. 3830 W. North-wesi Hwy., Suite 390. 358-7660. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kuby’s Sausage House Inc. 6601 Snider Plaza. 363-2231. 3121 Ross Ave. 821-3121. Inexpensive.


Athens Cafe. 5290 Belt Line. Suíte 118. Addison. 991-9185. Inexpensive to moderate.

Augustus. 15375 Addison Rd., Addison. 239-8105. Expensive.

Little Gus’. 1916 Greenville Ave. 826-4910. Inexpensive.

Theodore’s Seafood Restaurant. The Corner Shopping Center. 8041 Walnut Hill, Suite 810. 361-1922. Moderate to expensive.


Bishop Arts Cafe. 316 W. Seventh St. 943-3565. Inexpensive to moderate.

The Blue Onion Restaurant. 221 W, Parker Rd., Suite 527. Piano. 424-2114. Inexpensive.

Celebration. 4503 W. Lovers Ln. 351-5681. Moderate.

Fox Hunt Pub & Grill. Manor House. 1222 Commerce at Field 748-6686. Inexpensive to moderate.

Highland Park Cafeteria. 4611 Cole at Knox. 526-3801. 300 Casa Linda Plaza at Garland Rd. 327-366.1. Lincoln Plaza. Second Floor. 500 N. Akard. 740-2400. Inexpensive.

Mama’s Daughters Diner. 2014 Irving Blvd. 742-8646. Inexpensive.

The Mecca. 10422 Harry Hines. 352-0051. Inexpensive.

Rosemarie’s. 1411 N. Zang. 946-4142. Inexpensive.

Theo’s Diner. Ill S. Hull. 747-6936. Inexpensive.

Tolbert’s. One Dallas Center. 350 N. St. Paul & Bryan. 953-1353. 1800 N. Market. 969-0310. Inexpensive.

Vice Versa. 6065 Sherry Ln. 691-2976 Inexpensive.


Akbar. 2115 Promenade Center. Richardson. 235-0260. Inexpensive (lunch) to moderate (dinner).

Ashoka. 5409 Belt Line. Prestonwood Creek Shopping Center. 960-0070. Moderate.

India Palace Restaurant. 12817 Preston Rd. 392-0190. Moderate to expensive.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 401 N. Central Expwy., Suite 300. Richardson. 231-5556. Inexpensive to moderate.

Kebab-N-Kurry. 2620 Walnut Hill. 350-6466. Inexpensive.

Mumtaz. The Atrium. 3101 N. Fitzhugh at McKinney Ave., Suite 101. 520-2400. Inexpensive to moderate.

Shalimar. 35 Richardson Heights Shopping Center. Central at Belt Line. Richardson. 437-2858. Inexpensive.

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant. Caruth Plaza. 9100 N. Central Expwy., Suite 179. 692-0535. Moderate.


Acapella Cafe. 2508 Maple. 871-2262. Moderate.

Alessio’s. 4117 Lomo Alto. 521-3585. Moderate to expensive.

Alfonso’s. 328 Casa Linda Plaza. 327-7777. Inexpensive to moderate.

Avanti. 2720 McKinney Ave. 871-4955. Moderate (lunch) to expensive (dinner).

Cafe Italia. 5000 Maple. 521-0700. Inexpensive to moderate.

Caffe Paparazzi. 8989 Forest Ln., Suite 136. 644-1323. Moderate.

Capriccio. 2616 Maple. 871-2004. Expensive.

Chianti. 9526 Webb Chapel. 350-7456. Moderate.

Fausto’s. 300 Reunion Blvd, in the Hyatt Regency Hotel.651-1234. Moderate.

Flip’s Wine Bar & Trattoria. 1520 Greenville Ave. 824-9944. Moderate.

II Sorrento. 8616 Tunic Creek Blvd. 352-8759. Moderate to expensive.

Joey Tomato’s Atlantic City. 3232 McKinney Ave. 754-0380. Inexpensive to moderate.

La Tosca. 7713 Inwood. 352-8373. Expensive.

Lombardi’s Expresso. 6135 Luther Ln. 361-6984. In expensive to moderate.

Massimo da Milano. 5519 W. Lovers Ln. 351-1426. 2121 San Jacinto. 871-0400. 901 Main Place in the NCNB Building. 761-6350 Inexpensive to moderate.

MoMo’s Italian Specialties. 9191 Forest Ln, Suíte A2. 234-6800. 2704 Elm St. 748-4222. 3309 N. Central Expwy., Suite 37. Piano. 423-1066. Moderate.

MoMo’s Pasta. 3312 Knox. 521-3009. Inexpensive.

Nero’s Italian. 2104 Greenville Ave. 826-6376, Moderate.

Pasticcio’s. 4527 Travis St. 528-6696. Moderate.

Patrizio. 25 Highland Park Shopping Village. 522-7878. Inexpensive.

Pizzeria Uno.281 McKinney Ave. 855-0011. 4002 Belt Line. Addison. 991-8181. inexpensive to moderate.

Pomodoro. 2520 Cedar Springs. 871-1924. Inexpensive to moderate.

Ristorante Savino. 2929 N. Henderson. 826-7804. Moderate to expensive.

Rodolfo’s. 5956 Royal Ln. (at Preston). 368-5039. Inex- pensive to moderate.

Ruggeri’s. 2911 Routh St. 871-7377. Moderate.

Sfuzzi. 2504 McKinney Ave. 871-2606. Moderate.

Spaghetti Inn-Mike’s Italian Restaurant. 6465 E. Mockingbird. Suite 391. 827-7035. Moderate.

311 Lombardi’s. 311 Market at Ross. 747-0322, Moderate to expensive.


Fuji-Ya. 13050 Coit. 690-8396. inexpensive to moderate.

Hana Japanese Restaurant. 14865 Inwood. 991-8322. Moderate.

Hibachi-Ya Japanese Restaurant. 3850 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 510. 350-1110. Inexpensive.

Kobe Steaks. Quorum Plazz, 5000 Belt Line, Suite 600. 934-8150 Moderate to expensive.

Mr. Sushi. 4860 Belt Line, Addison. 385-0168. Moderate.

Nakamoto Japanese Cuisine. Ruisseau Village, Suite 360, 3309 N. Central Expwy., Plano. 881-0328. Moderate.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant. 7402 Greenville Ave., Suite 101. 361-9282. Moderate to expensive.

Shinano Japanese Restaurant. 8830 Spring Valley. 644-1436 Moderate.

Shogun of Japan. 5738 Cedar Springs. 351-2281. 3455 N. Belt Line, Irving. 594-6911. Moderate.

Sushi On McKinney. 4500 McKinney Ave. 521-0969. Moderate.


Kobawoo. 3109 Inwood Rd., 351-6922. Moderate.

Korea Hometown. 10560 Walnut. Suite 200. 272-9909. Inexpensive.

Korea House. 2598 Royal Ln, at Harry Hines. 243-0434. Inexpensive.

Koreana. Highpoint Village. 12101 Greenville Ave., #107.437-1211. Inexpensive to moderate.

The Korean Rib. 3205 Alma Drive. Suite 401. Piano. 423-8676.


Adelmo’s. 4537 Cole. 559-0325. Moderate to expensive.

Monte Carlo. 15201 Dallas Pkwy., in the Grand Kempin-ski Dallas Hotel. 386-6000. Expensive.


Anita’s Mexican Cantina. 7324 Gaston. #319. 328-9639. Inexpensive.

Armando’s Cafe. 2414 N Fitzhugh. 824-8303. Inex-pensive.

Blue Goose Cantina. 2905 Greenville Ave. 823-6786.Modi-rule.

Cantina Laredo. 4546 Bell Line, Addison. 458-0962. 8121 Walnut Hill. 987-9192. Moderate.

Casa Dominguez. 2127 Cedar Springs. 742-4945. In-expensive to moderate.

Casa Rosa. 165 Inwood Village (lnwood at Lovers Ln). 350-5227. Moderate.

Desperados. 4818 Greenville Ave. and University. 363-1850. Inexpensive to moderate.

Emmilia’s. 2001 Greenville Ave. 8244562. Inexpensiveto moderate.

Flamingo Joe’s. 2712 Main at Crowdus. 748-6065. Inexpensive to moderate.

Garmo’s y Lito’s. 2847 N. Henderson. 821-8006. Inexpensive to moderate.

Gloria’s Restaurant. 600 W. Davis. 948-3672. 9386 LBJ Frwy. at Abrams. 690-0622. Inexpensive.

Grandpa Tony’s. 3130 W. Mockingbind. 357-1531. Inexpensive.

Javier’s. 4912 Cole 521-4211. Expensive.

J. Pepe’s Restaurant and Cantina. 2800 Routh St., Suite 115, in the Quadrangle. 871-0366. Inexpensive to moderate.

La Botica Cafe. 1900 N. Haskell. 824-2005. Inexpen-sive to moderate.

Las Cazuelas. 3943 Columbia Ave. 827-1889. Inexpensive.

Loma Luna Cafe. 4131 Lomo Alto. 559-4011. 8201 Preston Rd.. Suite 100 (at Sherry Lane). 691-1552. Moderate.

Mario & Alberto. LBJ Freeway at Preston. Suite 425. 980-7296. Moderate.

Mario’s Chiquita. 4514 Travis. Suite 318 (in Travis Walk). 521-0721. 221 W. Parker, Suite 400, in Rosa Village, Piano. 423-2977. Moderate.

The Martinez Cafe. 3011 Routh St. 855-0240. 1900 Preston (Preston Park Village). Piano. 964-7898. Inexpensive.

Mercado Juarez. 1901 W, Northwest Hwy. 556-0796. 4050 Belt Line, Addison. 458-2145. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mia’s. 4322 Lemmon Ave. 526-1020. Inexpensive.

On The Border Cafe. 3300 Knox. 528-5900. Moderate.

Pappasito’s Cantina.723 S. Central Expwy., Richardson. 480-8595. Moderate.

Primo’s. 3309 McKinney Ave. 520-3303. Inexpensive.

Rancho Martinez Mexican Restaurant. 6312 La Vista. 823-55I7. inexpensive to moderate.

Ricardo’s. 17610 Midway at Trinity Mills. 931-5073. Moderate.

Uncle Judo’s. 7557 Greenville Are. 987-9900. 4125 Lem-inonAve. 520-6620. Moderate.

ZuZu. 6423 Hillcrest (across from SMU). 521-4456. 2900 McKinney Ave. 880-0140. 5940 Royal Lane. 739-1312. Inexpensive.


Hedary’s Lebanese Restaurant. Promenade Center. 15400 Coit. Suite 2500. Richardson. 669-2112. Moderate.


Bluebonnet Cafe & Deli. 2218 Greenville Ave. 828-0052. Inexpensive.

Dream Cafe. 2800 Routh St. in the Quadrangle. Suite 170, 954-0486. Inexpensive.

Phil’s Cafe. 2815 Elm. 761-8400. Inexpensive.


Actuelle. The Quadrangle, 2800 Routh St., Suite 125. 855-0440. Expensive.

Beau Nash. 400 Crescent Court in the Hotel Crescent Court. 871-3200, Expensive.

The Buffalo Club. 2723 Elm St. 748-2400. Moderate to expensive.

Chaplin’s. 1928 Greenville Ave. 823-3300, Moderate to expensive.

Dakota’s. 600 N, Akard. 740-4001. Moderate to ex-iwnsivc.

Deep Ellum Cafe. 2704 Elm St. 741-9012. Moderate to expensive.

Gershwin’s. 8442 Walnut Hill ill Greenville Ave. 373-7171. Moderate to expensive.

Huntington’s. Westin Hotel, Galleria, 13340 Dallas Pkwy. 851-2882. Expensive.

Kathleen’s Art Cafe 4424 Lovers Ln. (between the Tollway and Douglas) 691-2355. Moderate to expensive.

Lakewood Plaza Grill. 6334 La Vista. 826-5226. Inexpensive to moderate.

Landmark Cafe. Omni Melrose Hotel, 3015 Oak Lawn. 522-1453. Expensive.

Laurels. Sheraton Park Central Hotel, 12720 Merit Drive. off Coit near LBJ Frwy. 385-3000. Expensive.

The Mansion on Turtle Creek. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. 526-2121. Very expensive.

Malibu Cafe. 4311 Oak Lawn. 521-2233. Moderate.

Parigi. 3311 Oak Lawn. 521-0295. Moderate to expensive.

The Promenade. 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. 559-2100. Moderate to expensive.

Pyramid Room. 1717 N. Akard in the Fairmont Hotel. 720-5249. Expensive.

Quadrangle Grille. The Quadrangle. 2800 Routh St., Suite 180. 979-9022. Moderate.

Routh Street Cafe. 3005 Routh St. 871-7161 Very ex-pensive.

Zeke’s Grill. 2615 Commerce St. 748-6354. Inexpensive to moderate.


Atlantic Cafe Too! 14866 Montfort, Addison 960-2233. Moderate to expensive.

Aw Shucks. 3601 Greenville Ave. 821-9449. Inexpensive.

Bay Street. 5348 Belt Line. Addison. 934-8501. Moderate.

Cafe America. 4546 McKinney at Knox. 559-4441. Expensive.

Cafe Pacific 24 Highland Park Village. Preston at Mockingbird. 526-1170. Expensive.

Fishmonger’s Hard Shell Cafe. 6403 Greenville Ave. 987-3477. Moderate.

Fishmonger’s Seafood Market and Cafe. 1915 N. Central Expwy. at Chisholm. Suite 600, Piano. 423-3699. Moderate.

Hampton’s. Preston Center, 8411 Preston. Berkshire and Northwest Highway, 739-3474. Moderate.

Louie’s Backyard. 2221 Abrams at Belmont. 823-2910. Inexpensive.

Newport’s Seafood. 703 McKinney Ave. in the Brewery. 954-0220. Expensive.

Oyster’s. 4580 Belt Line. 386-0122 or 3874231. Inexpensive to moderate.

Red’s Seafood. 7402 Greenville Ave. 363-3896. Moderate.

Rusty Pelican. 14655 N. Dallas Pkwy., Addison. 980-8950. Expensive.

S&D Oyster Company. 2701 McKinney Ave. 880-0111. Inexpensive to moderate.

Scott’s-A Seafood House. 4620 McKinney Ave. 528-7777. Moderate.

Sea Shells & Stuff. 9205 Skillman. 348-3082. Moderate.


Baby Routh. 2708 Routh St. 871-2345, Moderate to expensive.

Blue Mesa Grill. 5100 Belt Line at Dallas Parkway in Sakowitz Village, Suite 500, Addison. 934-0165. Inexpensive to moderate.

Brazos. 2100 Greenville Ave. at Prospect. 821-6501. Moderate.

Cisco Grill. 6630 Snider Plaza. 363-9506. Inexpensive.

Sam’s Cafe. 100 Crescent Court. 855-2233. Moderate to expensive.


Cafe Madrid. 4501 Travis St. 528-1731. Inexpensive to moderate.


Arthur’s. 8350 N. Central Expwy., Campbell Centre, Suite M 1000. 361-8833. Expensive.

Brenner’s. 2200 Cedar Springs, Suite 165 in The Cres-cent. 953-1600. Expensive.

The Butcher Shop Steakhouse. 808 Munger, off Lamar. 720-1032. Moderate.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle. 4300 Lemmon Ave. 526-9811. Expensive.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib. 3008 Maple Ave. 521-7777. Moderate to expensive.

Old San Francisco Steakhouse. 10965 Composite (off Walnut Hill, east of 1-35). 357-0484. Moderate to ex-pensive.

The Palm Restaurant. 701 Ross. 698-0470. Very ex-pensive.


Al’s New York Style Dell. 330) Oak Lawn (entrance on Hall). 522-3354. Inexpensive.

Another Roadside Attraction. 2712 Elm st. 761-9135. Inexpensive.

Bagel Emporium. 7522 Campbell Rd. 980-1444. Inex-pensive.

Bagelstein’s. Northwood Hills Shopping Center. 8104 Spring Valley. 234-3787. Inexpensive to moderate.

City Market. 2001 Ross, Trammell Crow Center. Suite 200. 979-2696. Inexpensive.

Crescent Gourmet. 400 Crescent Court. 871-3223. Inexpensive to moderate.

Dell News. 15775 Hillcrest, Suite 502. 392-3354. Inexpensive.

The Good Life Catering Co. 6340 Gaston Ave, 821-3194. Inexpensive to moderate.

Marty’s. 3316 Oak Lawn. 526-4070. Moderate.

Pacific Express. 1910 Pacific at Elm Street. Suite 103. 969-7447. Inexpensive.

Pasta Plus. 225 Preston Royal East. 373-3999 Inexpensive to moderate.

Polio Bueno. 3438 Samuell Blvd. 828-0645. Inexpensive.

Today’s Gourmet. 4446 Lovers Ln. 373-0325. Inexpensive

Tommaso’s Fresh Pasta. 5365 Spring Valley. Suite 158. at Montfort. 9914040. Inexpensive to moderate.


Bangkok Cafe. 2112 E. Arapaho at Jupiter, 644-9405. Inexpensive.

New Slam. 2415 Willowbrook. Suite 108 (at Northwest Hwy. and Harry Hines) 358-5679. Inexpensive to moderate.

Sala Thai. 4503 Greenville Ave. 696-3210. Moderate.

Thai Lanna. 1490 W. Spring Valley. Richardson. 690-3637. 4315 Bryan. 827-6478. Moderate.

Thai Nipa. 4315 Lemmon Ave. 526-6179. Inexpensive.

Thai Soon. 2018 Greenville Ave. 821-7666. Inexpensive.

Thai Taste. 4501 Cole Ave. 521-3513, Inexpensive to moderate.

Thai Toy’s. 4422-B Lemmon Ave. 528-7233. Inexpensive to moderate.


Arc-en-Ciel. 3555 W. Walnut Rd., Garland. 272-2188. Inexpensive to moderate.

Ba-Le. 4812 Bryan. 821-1880. Inexpensive.

East Wind. 2711 Elm St. 745-5554. Inexpensive to moderate.

Mai’s. 4812 Bryan. 826-9887. Inexpensive.

Mekong. 4301 Bryan. 824-6200, Inexpensive.

My Tho. 4413 W. Walnut, Suite 315, Garland. 494-3963. Inexpensive.

Saigon. 1731 Greenville Ave. 828-9795. Inexpensive.


Bistro Bagatelle. (French) 406 W. Abrams, Arlington. Metro (817) 261-0488. Moderate to expensive.

Cacharel. (French) Brookhollow Two, 2221 E. Lamar, Suite 900. Arlington. Metro (817) 640-9981. Moderate.

China Terrace. (Chinese) 5435 N. MacArthur, Las Co-linas. 550-1113. Inexpensive to moderate.

Esparza’s. (Mexican) 124 E. Worth St., Grapevine. Metro (817) 481-4668, Inexpensive.

Caspars. (New American) 150 S. Demon Tap Rd., Cop-pell. 393-5152. Moderate.

Hana Sho. (Japanese) 2938 N. Belt Line. Irving. 258-0250. Moderate.

Moretti’s. (Italian) 2709 Mustang Drive, Grapevine. Metro (817) 481-3230. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tandoor. (Indian) 532 Fielder North Plaza. Arlington. (8171261-6604. Moderate.

Via Real. (Mexican) 4020 N, Mac Arthur, Irving. 255-0064. Moderate to expensive.


Benito’s. (Mexican) 1450 W. Magnolia. (817)332-8633. Inexpensive.

Cafe Aspen. (New American) 3416 W. Seventh St. (817) 877-0838. Moderate to expensive.

Kincaid’s Grocery. (Burgers) 4901 Camp Bowie. (817) 732-2881. Inexpensive.

Hedary’s. (Lebanese) 3308 Fairfleld at Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 731-6961. Moderate.

Jon’s Grille. (Burgers) 3009 S. University. (817) 923-1909. Inexpensive.

Juanita’s. (Mexican) 115 W. Second. (817) 335-1777. Moderate.

La Chardonnay. (French) 2443 Forest Park Blvd. (817) 926-5622. Moderate to expensive.

Papl’s. (Puerto Rican) 2239 N. Main. (817) 625-4413. Inexpensive.

Reflections. (New American) The Worth ing ton Hotel, 200 Main. (817) 870-1000. Expensive.

Saint Emilion. (French) 3617 W. Seventh. (817) 737-2781. Moderate to expensive.

Seterry’s. (French) 4930 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 763-8787. Expensive.

Tejano Mexican Cuisine. (Mexican) 5716 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 737-7201. Inexpensive to moderate.

Tours Restaurant. (New American) 3500 W. Seventh. (817) 870-1672. Moderate to expensive.

Tuscany. (Italian) 4255 Camp Bowie Blvd. (817) 737-2971. Moderate to expensive.


Angry Dog. 2726 Commerce. 741-4406.

The Art Bar. 2803 Main St. 939-0077.

Arthur’s. Campbell Centre. 8350 N. Central Expwy. 361-8833.

Boller Room. Part of Dallas Alley in the West End Mat ketPlace, 2019 N. Lamar. 988-0581.

Bolero. 4515 Travis. 521-6071.

Buyers Bar. Stouter Hotel, 2222 Stemmons Frwy. 631-2222.

Club Clearview. 2806 Elm St. 939-0006.

Club Dada. 2720 Elm St. at Crowdus. 744-3232.

Dave & Buster’s. 10727 Composite, near Walnut Hill at Stemmons Frwy. 353-0649. 8021 Walnut Hill (at N. Central Expwy). 361-5553.

Dave’s Art Pawn Shop. 2544 Elm. 748-7111.

The Den. Stoneleigh Terrace Hotel. 2927 Maple. 871-7111.

Dick’s Last Resort. Corner of Record and Ross. 747-0001.

8.0 Bar. 8200 Routh. in the Quadrangle. 979-0880.

Encounters. Doubletree Hotel, 8250 N. Central Expwy. 691-8700.

Exodus. 210 N. Crowdus. 748-7871.

Froggy Bottoms. Pan of Dallas Alky in the West End Marketplace. 2019 N. Lamar. 988-0581.

Gator’s. 1714 N. Market. 748-0243.

Greenville Bar & Grill. 2821 Greenville Ave. 823-6691.

Harper’s. Hilton Inn. 5600 N. Central Expwy. 823-9180.

Igby’s. Loews Anatole Hotel, Stemmons at Wycliff. 747-8612.

Industry. 2920 Canton. 748-9300.

The Institute. 2727 Canton. 747-8410.

Improv Comedy Club and Restaurant. 9810 N. Central Expwy., Suite 600 (in The Corner Shopping Center). 750-5868. 4980 Belt Line at Quorum, Suite 250, Addison. 404-8503.

Joe Miller’s. 3531 McKinney Ave. 521-2261.

Knox Street Pub. 3230 Knox. 526-9476.

The Levee at the Ponchartrain. 13444 N. Preston. 385-1522.

The Library Bar. Omni Melrose Hotel. 3015 Oak Lawn. 521-5151.

Louie’s. 1839 N, Henderson. 8264505.

The Lounge. 5460 W. Lovers Ln. 350-7834.

Netwerk 403. 5500 Greenville Ave., Suite 403. 361-9517.

Memphis. Quorum Plaza. 5000 Belt Line. Suite 500. 386-9934.

Metronome. 703 McKinney. 720-1300.

Mllo Butterfinger’s. 5645 Yale. 368-9212.

Mimi’s. 5111 Greenville Ave. 368-1994.

Mucky Duck. 3102 Welborn in the Centrum. 522-7200.

The Outback Pub. 1701 N. Market. 761-9355.

Poor David’s Pub. 1924 Greenville Ave. 821-9891.

The Rhythm Room. 5627 Dyer. 890-0944.

R.J.’s by the Lake. 3100 NW Hwy., by Bachman Lake. 358-5854.

Stan’s Blue Note. 2908 Greenville Ave. 824-9653.

State. 3611 Parry. 821-9246.

Stoneleigh P. 2926 Maple. 871-2346.

Strictly Tabu. I Lomo Alto. 528-5200.

Studebaker’s. NorthPark East, 8788 N. Central Expwy. 696-2475.

Take Five. Part of Dallas Alley in the West End arketPlace. 2019 N. Lamar. 988-0581.

Terilli’s. 2815 Greenville. 827-3993.

Trees. 2709 Elm. 748-5009.

2826.2826 Elm St. 741-2826.

Uncle Calvin’s Coffee Emporium. NorthPark Presbyterian Church. 9009 N. Central Expwy. 363-5457.

The Video Bar. 2610 Elm SI. 939-9113.

The Voodoo Bar. 302 N. Market. 655-2627.

White Rock Yacht Club. 7324 Gaston, Suite 301. 328-3866.


Caravan off Dreams. 312 Houston. (8I7) 877-3000.

The Hop. 2905 W. Berry. (817) 923-7281.

J&J Blues Bar. 937 Woodward. (817) 870-BEER.

RJ’s Bar & Grill. 1216 N. Main. (817) 624-0175.

The White Elephant Saloon. I06E. Exchange. (817)624-8273.