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By Sally Giddens |

TOYS You may think that Dallas is still climbing out of a recession, but take one look at our streets these days and chances are you’ll see a recovery whiz right past you in the form of the hot new Japanese-made luxury car, the Lexus. The most popular model, the LS400. has a base price of $38,000, and Dallasites are buying them as fast as Dallas dealer Sewell-Lexus can get them.

Sewell-Lexus had a manufacturer’s “planning volume” of sixty-five cars a month but has been selling double that amount, says BARRY PRYOR, president of Sewell-Lexus. He’s been begging for cars from all over the country to fill the growing demand.

The Mercedes-Benz sedan is actually the number one trade-in for the new status symbol, with the Jaguar a close second, Pryor says. Lexus is touting features like a phone that works through the stereo system and automatically mutes the music: when your party answers.

And don’t pout if you have to wait a few months for your Lexus-at least Pryor is finding cars faster than dealers in Japan, where there is an 18-month wait.