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By Glenna Whitley |

CLOUT Imagine that you’re a few days late with the rent. Your landlord is upset. So up-set that he gets a signed order from a judge allowing security guards or off-duty police of-ficers to inspect your house for “damages” three times a day. and to park an off-duty police officer on the front lawn around the clock.

That’s what happened when WAYNE HAYES, owner of a rein-surance company, was several days late with the $7,500 he pays each month to H. ROSS PEROT for rent on a $1.4 mil-lion, six-bedroom mansion next door to the combative billionaire. Hayes, who has a home in the Bahamas, says he returned to Dallas on March 8 to find that his banker had not paid the rent, which was due on the fifth. Perot called to tell him he was evicted. Ac-cording to Hayes. Perot said, “I don’t start a war unless I’m ready to finish it.”

Hayes paid the rent and late charges by cashier’s check that day. But on March 9, Perot went to District Court Judge ADOLPH CANALES, who signed an order allowing three-a-day searches. During the first search, an officer brought along a drug-sniffing dog. but found nothing. Hayes, who says Perot’s lawyer, RICHARD D. PULIMAN, accused him of “unsavory activities,” denies that he uses or sells drugs.

Hayes, described by a friend as an “industrial-strength womanizer,” hired a private investigator to be present at all inspections. “I was afraid Mr. Perot’s nuts would drop dope in my house,” he says. “He’s accusing me of [organized crime] charges. I had a trial without me even being present.”

Perot refuses to talk for the record, but he feels justified in seeking the eviction. Hayes agreed to move, but he’s still trying to figure out why Perot wanted him out. “This whole thing is an abuse of power,” he says.