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GLITZ When D last visited JORGE MIGUEL inDecember 1986 (“The Carat and theSchtick”), the swarthy jeweler-about-town had found both fame and fortune selling pricey trinkets out of his boutique at Lou Latti-more.

Miguel, who positioned himself as “the official jeweler of ’Dallas’” during the TV series’ heyday, is now peddling “a Southfork watch” and will soon have a collection of knockoffs inspired by the jewelry worn on “Dallas.”

According to Miguel, the watches, which are on permanent display at Southfork Ranch, are a big hit throughout Europe, where “Dallas” still has a strong following.

“Rather than create things for a few hundred people, I’m trying to create for a few million,” says Miguel, who has also come out with a namesake line of pricier costume jewelry. “Retail didn’t excite me anymore. Wholesale is much more exciting.”

CARLA FRANCIS, meanwhile, has leased Miguel’s former space at Lou Lattimore. As for Miguel, now 46, he’s banking on “Dallas.” And if the series gets canceled? No matter. As Miguel points out, “There are always reruns.”

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