UPDATE Has SANDRA BRIDEWELL finally met her match? In April, police were called to the scene of a domestic fracas at an apartment in La Paloma, a well-to-do area of Tucson. Arizona. They arrested one Nicholas Leon, who was initially charged with the assault of Bridewell, his girlfriend of some time. After his arrest, Léon was ordered to meet with a domestic violence counselor. According to the counselor, Leon pulled out “The Black Widow,” D’s 1987 story about Bridewell, who is a suspect in the 1985 murder of her third husband, Alan Rehrig. Leon also gave the counselor newspaper stories about the California lawsuits alleging that Bridewell had refused to repay more than $80,000 in loans from male friends. Apparently, the counselor says, Leon had also given her money.

The charge against Leon was eventually dropped due to lack of evidence, says Sgt. Shawn Cooper of the Pima County Sheriffs Office. “We’re aware that she’s here and we’re aware of her past,” Cooper says of Bridewell. “That’s about it.”


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