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THE MONORAIL A New Way To Travel

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The best way to experience the Willis of Africa is to ride the monorail first

The view from the monorail is spectacular. The train passes through dense trees where okapi browse, climbs up along mountain cliffs past goat-like ibex and vultures, descends into woodlands near sable antelope and spurwing geese, and drops down along riverbeds where goliath herons and sitatunga antelope live. The train continues on through (he arid deserts, the bush country, and back into the forests past bongo and duiker antelope and gorillas. Along the way, visitors come face to face with a leopard, pass behind a waterfall, and get a look at “downtown Nairobi.”

The monorail’s ability to climb and descend to the many different levels of Wilds of Africa is possible through a combination of technological advances and innovative design. It is unique among the handful of zoo monorails in the nation, most of which travel in large, flat loops.

Each of the monorail’s 3 trains is painted in a different animal motif – leopard, okapi, and elephant -and seals 100, plus 13 wheelchairs.

At the end of the ride, guides will answer questions and accompany visitors to the beginning of the Nature Trail.