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Sex Even after the strange murder of owner Don Furrh in late 1988, the Million Dollar Saloon remained the city’s top topless-that is, gentleman’s- club, luring the blue suit and yellow tie set. And to spruce up the inventory, the Million Dollar Saloon hired a hair and makeup expert to go along with the newly installed tanning beds.

Now the Saloon is feeling the heat from Houston skinpresario salah Izzeddin, who opened his $7.5 million Cabaret Royale in December 1988. Izzeddin even had the gall to put up a towering Cabaret billboard right by the Million Dollar Saloon on Greenville. He hired some key management from the Saloon, opened a boutique in the lobby, and began selling lifetime memberships to the club’s VIP floor for as much as $1,500.

The Cabaret’s high-toned formula seems to be working. Liquor sales at the two clubs are running neck-and-neck, and the Million Dollar Saloon is set to strike back with a $500,000 renovation this spring. As for Izzeddin, he’s hired chef JILL ALCOTT from Terilli’s and given her carte blanche to create dinner specials for the club, including pricey items like tenderloin steak medallions and lobster. The Cabaret has plans for a gymnasium and workout area, and Izzeddin hired a Playboy photographer to do this year’s calendar.

Million Dollar Saloon general manager ronny jared, who gets the last word this time, boasts that Playboy featured eight of his employees in its “Girls of Texas” issue, but admits he has no plans to match Cabaret’s recent charitable donations-to the Junior League of Dallas.