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NOSE TO NOSE With Nature

By D Magazine |

At the entrance of the Nature Trail, be sure to pick up a printed trail guide “narrated” by an African bird called the honeyguide. In Africa, this bird leads the honey badger to beehives, and receives some of the honey as a reward.

Along the Nature Trail you’ll spot a walk-through aviary {to be opened in the summer) where beautiful African birds fly freely. A bush overlook with closeup views of ostrich and zebra beckon a second glance. And a kopje, or rock formation, inhabited by tiny klipspringer antelope, pancake tortoises, and a host of other species provides an assortment of surprises. Children will be able to touch a ground level nest of huge ostrich eggs; feel a termite mound; and compare the size of their own feet to the huge tracks of elephants and rhinos.

And, in order to make the experience as “wild” as possible, there are no obtrusive signs along the trail – only numbers posted, corresponding with sections of the trail guide.

At the end of the Nature Trail you’ll find yourself at the Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center.