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By Ruth Miller Fitzgibbons |

POLITICS Some people look at blatantly prejudicial and protective legislation such as the Congressional act restricting air traffic at Love Field and ask, why not? Twenty-eight-year-old real estate broker BUDDY CRAMER looked at the statute fondly known as the Wright Amendment and asked, why?

Cramer was sick of swallowing the high airfare expenses he incurred following real estate leads the only place real estate leads lead these days-out of town. And he decided to do something about it.

Teaming up with college friend and lawyer DAVID GALLO, the cherubic Cramer launched a legal assault on the amendment in a suit that will be decided by federal Judge JOE FISH. (It is also being challenged in Congress.) If the statute is declared unconstitutional (and it probably will be), that could open the way for more flights out of Love Field, heightened competition on routes not currently served by Love’s main carrier, Southwest Airlines, and potentially lower airfares all around.

The legal challenge also reopened the can of worms known as Love Field. And that has meant for Gallo and Cramer unintended seats at the center of the political cross fire over airport noise, as well as renewed competition between Southwest, American, and Delta. Both men are hesitant to take on City Council member LORI PALMER of “Make Love Quiet” feme. But Gallo is blunt about the fallacies of the other side: “The only people who want the law to stay are the people who want Love Field to be used as little as possible-without regard to the traveling public.”

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