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Best And Worst: The Readers Strike Back!

I have been a resident of Dallas for almost fifteen years, up until recently when I moved to the West Coast. A friend sent me a copy of your “Best and Worst” issue (January], one I have always admired for its insight and the unique angle used in recalling the people and events that shaped the year. I also have great respect for your honesty in covering both the good and bad points about Dallas.

Truly the most horrible item I have ever read in “Best and Worst” appeared in the 1988 issue. It was the most vulgar, senseless display of snobbishness, impropriety, and misplaced priorities I have ever had the displeasure of reading. It was a glaring example of the ignorance and selfishness that spring from a materialistic lifestyle, and the loud, flashy, “nouveau riche’” reputation that Texans are scorned for worldwide.

The event I am speaking of is the expensive luncheon held at the Mansion in honor of two puppies. The puppies, belonging to a Dallas “socialite,” were lavished with gifts of Waterford crystal and mink.

The article left me with mixed emotions: morbidly pleased that these women’s activities have been exposed, saddened that (his is what “quality of life” means to them. And I can only hope that the women mentioned are deeply embarrassed. If not, I feel for them all. I commend you for not just covering the news, but the newsworthy.

Halite Comegys

Laguna Beach, CA

It is difficult for me to express my feelings about the cover of the January issue of D. It is the caricature of Diane Ragsdale cussing over the phone that I find the most troubling. Nothing else your magazine has published quite captures what I hate most about Dallas and the audience your magazine caters to. It is the specter of racism cloaked in a sophisticated image that I really despise about Dallas.

It has not been proved that Ragsdale made obscene or threatening phone calls. You haven’t put her in her place; you have only alienated people who have reason to be mistrustful of Dallas’s white establishment.

Ben Swallow

Fort Worth

“Best and Worst” is wrong in saying that the Texas Rangers lost to the Baltimore Orioles, ending the Os’ losing streak at twenty-one games. It was the White Sox. I remember mentally thanking the White Sox, as the Rangers were to play the Orioles after them. If you are going to take potshots at people and things, get the facts straight. The rest of the article was pretty good.

Marilyn Hoye

Rangers Fan

Who in the world is the snot-nosed, sniveling, parvenu, yuppie-in-training who penned the disparaging “worst” piece about “Butt Sketcher” Krandel Lee Newton? What a buttinski into a thriving young artist’s harmless ploy for immortality. All he seeks is a life of Too bad the author hasn’t seen fit to pose for Krandel. She/he has already demonstrated the qualities of a perfect ass.

Marty Daneman


As a devoted fan of D. I was shocked beyond belief to see you classify Dino’s Shoe Repair as one of the “Worst.”

For many years these gentle, caring. Old World craftsmen have been taking care of our shoe and bag cleaning and repairs, as well as doing superbly expert alterations. We have recommended them without reservation to dozens of people and have never heard a single complaint.

Pat Dino has always cautioned me that they cannot be sure of cleaning or dyeing results. Perhaps your reporter chose to ignore the disclaimer, which is always visible in the store, or distort the facts in order to make a better story. Whatever really happened, it is disappointing that you chose to print a report designed to harm some very fine people and their business. Fortunately, they have too many loyal customers for your “Worst” rating to put them out of business.

Virginia Cook


I can’t believe it-you have finally stooped to an all-time low!

This year’s Best and Worst was an appalling list of untruths and nasty remarks. Your usual tongue-in-cheek style of criticism was totally ignored. I refer specifically to the “Worst Facial.”

As a six-year client of The Nailery, I have had numerous facials and been very pleased. Sharon Roy, sixteen years in the business, is an excellent facialist and deserves better than to bear the brunt of cruel remarks and personal hostilities.

Sheri L Pizitz


We at The Nailery take issue with the “Shopping and Services” section of the “Best & Worst” article in your January 1989 issue-our partiality being the result of featuring under “The Worst Facial” as mentioned on the cover and page 56.

Were you aware that Sue Goldstein, the author of this item, has been in litigation with the owner of The Nailery in three separate lawsuits over the past two years?

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