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THUMBS UP Teamwork In A Crisis

By D Magazine |

Thumbs up to Barry Waller, director of the mental retardation unit of the Dallas County Mental Health and Mental Retardation department, Gloria Wiley, with the Dallas office of the Texas Department of Human Services, and Carol Smith, of the Texas Department of MHMR in Austin. When Stonehedge Manor in Oak Cliff recently closed, sixty severely mentally retarded patients were forced to relocate. The owner of the home, George Rossi of New York, gave the parents and guardians of the patients just one week’s notice before the home would close. It is a credit to the spontaneous teamwork of the state and local mental retardation institutions that new homes were found for fifty-five of those patients. If the state laws on housing for the mentally disabled were as strong and caring as the people staffing the agencies for the mentally retarded, this awful event might have been prevented.