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By D Magazine |

It’s two butterflies dancing-no, it’s a political district. When City Attorney Analeslie Muncy was briefing the Citizens Charter Review Committee on how council districts could be redrawn, she pointed to one map with oddly gerrymandered districts and said. “I call this my Tweety-Bird plan.” One of the yellow-tinted South Dallas districts, she said, looked like the cartoon canary. Another reminded Muncy of an Irish Setter. . .

Grapevine breakdown: Al Lipscomb said he had heard that a person had already been chosen to head the new Office of Cultural Affairs for the city. Mayor Annette Strauss denied it, saying, “You’ve heard more than 1 have.” Lipscomb retorted, ’’Well, I do quite often.. .”

After lunch at a City Council briefing. Assistant City Manager Bob Blodgett asked one of the lunch caterers who provide food to council members and the press: “Did we run more short than usual this time?”

“No,” replied the caterer. “It was the press.”

“Oh” said Blodgett, “there were more press than usual?”

“No, they were more greedy than usual. They took both chicken and fish.. .”

Don’t dump on me: the city is beginning to put up those “No Dumping” signs again. The practice was abandoned, says Edgar Jordan, director of Housing and Neighborhood Services, because “we thought that by putting up ’No Dumping signs it would do just the opposite and actually encourage people to dump there.” But, Jordan said, he has changed his mind and now thinks the signs have really worked all along…

While Willie Minor of the Minority Actor’s Guild was speaking about city funding of arts, he mentioned the “racial mix-up of this city.” He corrected himself, saying he meant “racial make-up.” Maybe he was right the first time. . .