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D’s Annual Nightlife Guide

By D Magazine |

So your power breakfast ran over into your power lunch lousing up your ENTIRE day by getting you to the office at 3 pm. It’s three hours later and quite obvious that the stack of messages on your desk will not get returned until manana. Lucky for you there’s a glittering skyline out there waiting for you to name your method of escape. Is it one of those evenings when you want to meet for quiet drinks and rethink your strategy? Or is it time to kick back a few cold ones with the gang from the office? Consider the options, from romantic intimate nightspots to neighborhood watering holes. Or maybe some music to take your mind off those troublesome little details like the car payment due tomorrow or your adjustable rate mortgage that just got adjusted. But, then maybe the only cure for your mood is humor. We have that, too. Name your pleasure. From frosty margaritas under the stars to bars where you are the entertainment. Here it is. Our compendium of nightspots, joints, bars, watering holes, and all-around fun places to go after dark.