Remember the opening credits on the movie Footloose? Remember how embarrassed you were at how much you wanted to dance in the aisles? When the mood strikes, make your way to any of Dallas’ dance emporiums – from cheek-to-cheek to jitterbug.

Randy’s is known as the place north of LBJ to meet and greet. The dance floor begins to fill early on and the partying continues until late. 15203 Knoll Trail. 907-2639.

Dallas Alky, the West End nightlife mecca with nine clubs, offers everything from recorded music at the popular singles bar The Boiler Room to singalongs at Alley Cats to live bands in Froggy Bottoms-all with one admission price so you can roam from bar to bar. 2019 N. Lamar. 988-0581.

Addison’s Memphis is singles headquarters for the over-twenty-five crowd with live music on a small stage and a collection of serious party animals. 5000 Belt Line. 386-9934.

One of the newcomers to the dance-to-be-seen assortment of clubs is Raffles in the Crescent. Eating and drinking are secondary: looking good on the dance floor is the primary concern. 2200 Cedar Springs in the Crescent. 855-8889.

As the Dallas nightlife crowd matures, Studebakers continues to pack “em in to dance and drink to Motown, jitterbug and shag sounds. Most theme bars seem to disappear, but Studebakers has staying power. 8788 N. Central Expwy. 696-2475. Cover varies.

Tijuana Yacht Club. The word is out: Dallasites must keep their garbage under lock and key. The owners of this club have combed the city for “treasures” to decorate this place, and the idea works! The recorded music is popular with the upper Greenville crowd. 5111 Greenville Ave. 692-9855.

The free-flowing instrumental music at 2826 in Deep Ellum draws a chic crowd who prefer the avant garde. Dress to kill. 2826 Elm. 741-2826.

Profiles The Club. Veteran club manager Nigel Shanley greets the bedecked and coiffed who come to Dallas’ newest entry in the upscale nightlife scene. Profiles features popular dance music with a mix of light disco in a beautiful, dreamy setting. 3102 Oak Lawn. 520-2929.

Fat Tuesday. No, we aren’t in New Orleans, but we are in an ever-popular Greenville nightspot that boasts a Mardi Gras atmosphere, strong drinks and live music on selected nights. 6778 Greenville. 373-7377.

The Club. Located inside the chic San Simeon restaurant, The Club features local talent on weekends in a simple, dark setting reminiscent of many New York nightclubs. 2515 McKinney. 871-7373.

Khaki pants and camouflage attire are not required for entry to the Safari Bar. Park your elephant outback and enjoy nightly bar specials that cater to every imaginable taste. 10821 Composite Dr. 351-3261.

The Highland Park Yacht Club in June, the Lodge at the Highland Park Yacht Club in November, this is the only club in town that’s two clubs; in one. In the winter there’s a ski lodge feel, but summer brings back the bright, airy California look, along with drink specials, volleyball tournaments outside, and a hip, young crowd. 4515 Travis. 521-6071.

Some trends turn into traditions. The beautiful people dressed in chic attire never left the Reo Room for greener pastures. The music is loud, the patter is real estate-oriented and the people here wouldn’t think of going anywhere else to be seen. 4515 Travis. 521-6071,


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