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By D Magazine |

More racial confusion: after mistaking one white guy for another-Jack Gorman for Carl Schieffer, both members of the Greater East Dallas Chamber speaking before the Dallas Citizens Charter Review Committee-Pettis Norman was quick to amend the error, saying “All of y’all don’t look the same. I just want you to know that…”

It’s a dog’s life: discussing the portion of a new animal control ordinance that classified dog bites by their severity, council member John Evans delivered this no-nonsense dissertation: “I think we ought to deal with a dog bite as a dog bite, not a normal dog bite or a non-normal dog bite. Or a cat bite, or what have you…”

“Gosh,” said council member Max Wells, a banker, at a briefing on city loans for low-income housing, something that the city has badly mishandled over the last few years. “I’m glad that nobody on this staff or this council is on the loan committee at my bank…”

We hear that longtime community activist Adlene Harrison is positioning herself to run for county commissioner- possibly Lee Jackson’s spot. Perhaps that’s why Harrison has been advocating the demise of the DART board recently and arguing that DART should fall under the jurisdiction of the County Commissioner’s Court.. .

You know it makes me want to. . Fight! While Park and Recreation Director Frank Wise was being grilled by the City Council on why he wanted alcoholic beverages prohibited in Dallas parks, he was asked if he had personally seen anyone fighting at Bachman Lake Park. “No,” he said. “Not fighting- but I’ve seen drinking, which obviously leads to [fighting].” And there’s more: Wise said he also saw “pit bulldog fights ready to get started. It was frightening.. .”