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By Brad Bailey |

Who says there’s no such thing as progress? Employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Dallas have been taking Dale Carnegie courses.

Carnegie’s management course is designed to bring home the five functions of management-planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and coordinating-in addition to hammering in the more prosaic Carnegie-isms like, “If it’s to be. it’s up to me,” and winning friends and influencing people. About a dozen B of P employees took the six-week course-four hours a week, with much practical, on-the-job application- for $795 each.

Levon Temple, safety manager at the Federal Corrections Institute-Fort Worth, bubbled with enthusiasm: “Carnegie kind of threw it all together so that you get a whole concept in one piece, rather than a bit here and a bit there. The course made its principles practical for me. I have a more positive attitude about what I’m doing. I*m going to get something out of this sucker and make it work for me.”

It’s a sure bet they’re not teaching ’em modesty over there at Carnegie of North Texas, however. ’The taxpayer got a bargain,” Temple laughed. “Especially sending me, they got a guaranteed money return.”


“I’m just so wonderful, I guess.”

See? It’s working already.

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