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By Sally Giddens |

Banking jokes are plentiful in Dallas, but the numerous ex-bankers in our midst are not laughing. “The great majority of these guys were not crooks out to destroy financial institutions, but were victims of the crash,” says one victim of the crash. “It’s just that bankers are having trouble finding other work. They don’t seem to be good at anything else.” Following is a list of some of the many former bank presidents, where they were pre-crash, and where they’ve hopped to now, Some are still hoping to hop.

Chris Newton

Then; Park West Bank

Now: Still looking

Stephen Jordan

Then: First City Dallas

Now: Capital Bank

Tom Abbott

Then: NorthPark National

Now: First National Park Cities

Charles Pistor

Then: First Republic

Now: NorthPark National

James Huffines

Then: Bank of Dallas

Now: Gov. Clements’s appointments secretary

Joe Brokaw

Then: First City East Dallas

Now: “Consultant”

Bob White

Then: United National Bank

Now: Cornerstone Bank

Burr Cordray

Then: City National of Irving

Now: “Consultant”

Steve Melton

Then: Forestwood National

Now: Accounting Business

Richard Frazier

Then: Highland Park National

Now: Still looking