Last year, Mickey Holden, TV guy of Holden Productions fame, bought one-count it, one- raffle ticket for the grand prize at the Cattle Baron’s Ball. At the end of the evening, his close personal friend, Channel 5 sportscaster Scott Murray, reached into the raffle barrel and pulled out Holden’s ticket, making him the happy owner of a 1988 red Corvette convertible. Holden drove the car for four months and then traded it in on something a bit more conservative-a Saab.

Back at the Cattle Baron’s this June, Holden, who says he may be a little Irish, tried his luck with six raffle tickets for a 1989 red BMW convertible. Once again at the end of the evening, Holden’s close personal friend Scott Murray reached into the barrel and pulled out a ticket. Murray hesitated for a moment, then read the name of the ticket holder to the duded-up crowd. For the second year in a row, the winner was Holden.

Holden, who says he’ll be glad to give Murray a ride in his newest car, is planning on letting someone else win the wheels next year. “I doubt if they’d let me enter again,” he says. Poor baby…


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