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Before a July 13 press reception at the Starplex Amphitheatre at Fair Park, Brian Becker, president of PACE Entertainment Group Inc., which manages the facility, pulled a puzzling stunt. A sign on the podium at which he was to give a press conference read “Starplex. the Amphitheatre at Fair Park.” Becker had his people cover up all but the “Starplex” with white tape, saying he didn’t want the amphitheatre associated with Fair Park. He also announced to several people standing nearby that “this thing [apparently meaning Starplex] doesn’t have anything to do with the symphony.” Funny. Most of us thought the city had allowed PACE to build the amphitheatre in order to keep the symphony from moving its outdoor Starfest series out of town and to enhance Fair Park. Hmm. ..

Clubbing us to death: Shannon Wynne’s big cash cow partner on the reopening of the 8.0 ciub. Michael Cass, withdrew his funding from the project at the last minute, meaning the reopening has been put on indefinite hold. . .and Isaac Tigrett has sold his international chain of Hard Rock Cafes to a British group called Pleasurama, and now he is much, much richer and is in charge of nothing more than the rock ’n’ roll memorabilia at the Hard Rock.. .and Richard Chase has sold his share in the Chaise Lounge, and is now completely detached from the Dallas club scene. ..