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THUMBS DOWN No Waiting For Handgun Violence

By D Magazine |

Thumbs down to three area congressmen-Republicans Steve Bartlett and Richard Armey, and Democrat Martin Frost-for helping to defeat a bill requiring a seven-day waiting period before purchase of a handgun. National opinion polls repeatedly show public support for sensible gun control measures; most law enforcement organizations backed the bill, and President Reagan had promised to sign it. But with the powerful National Rifle Association pulling out all the stops and an election looming, the bill failed 228-183. Bartlett and Armey voted with the NRA, as they usually do. Frost, who had supported the measure, says he was sick that day, but he was well enough three days later to don cowboy clothes and whoop it up at a Longhorn Ballroom fundraiser. We wish Rep. Frost could have toughed it out for this important vote.