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By D Magazine |

No-read their lips-no, PACE Entertainment Group is not going to renegotiate its cushy forty-year contract with the city. Too bad that not even our City Council’s top blow-hards can match the wind velocity of Hurricane Gilbert, or we might have gotten some satisfaction. In September, talks were scheduled between the Park and Rec staff and PACE representatives prior to a council vote on a resolution to renegotiate the contract. But in blew the winds of Gilbert, and the PACE reps canceled so they could rush out and batten down the hatches at the amphitheater. Wonder if any earthquakes are expected this year. ..

Speaking of chicken. Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation of Dallas lost a lawsuit in August giving Burger King exclusive rights to the name “chicken tenders.” Pilgrim’s wanted the name for its bite-sized chicken pieces, saying that it was a generic term. But Burger King had copyrighted it. Lonnie Pilgrim, CEO and chairman of the board of Pilgrim’s Pride, said the jury identified with Burger King more than with the evidence, which included the dismembering of a raw chicken to show from whence a chicken tender comes. Photos not available.. .

And here’s a case of the early bird with the worm: Milton Tobian. the first-announced City Council candidate running for Jerry Rucker’s at-large seat, already has more than $50,000 in his war chest from more than 300 donors…

And other hats are being tossed into the ring: Dallas attorney Scott Chase, forty-two, has filed to run for the District 5 (Craig Holcomb’s) seat next May. This is Chase’s first attempt at public office, though he’s served as the vice president of the city of Dallas Housing Finance Corporation. “I’m tying my business experience with my civic experience and running on that,” he says. Seems he’s already experienced in political-speak . ..

Whew, we knew we were cheap, but what’s this? Texas has been rated third from the bottom in its per capita state funding of the arts among all U.S. states and territorities in a survey by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, as reported by American Theater magazine. The state of Texas spends 20 cents per capita; the national average is $1.02. ..