THUMB AWARD DPA: Flip, Flop, Flip…

Thumbs down to Dallas Police Association head Monica Smith for her organization’s blatant political maneuvering on the subject of the on-again, off-again charter amendment election on the police review board. Despite heroic efforts on the part of Charles Terrell and his Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Crime, who worked with the police union officials in forging an acceptable compromise on the issues of concern to Dallas police, Smith’s group did a characteristic 180-degree turn after the fect and threw the entire controversy back into the fire. The city has heard the officers’ legitimate concerns, the public has responded to them, and the mayor’s task force has engaged in a good faith effort to address them. When that good faith is not returned, we begin to suspect the motives of the Dallas Police Association and to question whether they are serving the best interests of this city’s police officers.


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