Goo-goo gourmet to go

California kids, eat your heart out. Manhattan mamas get the first shot at the newest twist on the takeout food craze: pulverized baby food (tofu with fruit sauce, pasta with vegetable sauce) delivered right to the highchair. Harried parents can place their orders over the telephone, specifying puréed or chunk, then expect delivery within hours at either home or office.

Of course, the four-ounce servings don’t come cheap-a portion of carrots, for example, costs $1. 25 as compared to thirty-one cents for a similar jar of Gerber’s. But the firm, called Mommy Made, is attempting to capitalize on the “nothing is too good for Baby even if it borders on wretched excess” rap of his generation of Yuppie parents. A few items seem conspicuously absent from the takeout menu, though. What about steak tar-tare? Creamed mahi-mahi?


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