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By D Magazine |

Now here’s a switch: owners of the latest, hottest Dallas restaurant, Sfuzzi, will be opening a certainly-as-swank counterpart in Manhattan in the near future. Details are still in the forming stages, but the brothers Colombo, who brought us San Simeon, Petaluma, and Sfuzzi, have signed a lease at 65th and Broadway. Apparently they’ve gotten a doozy of a deal on this Sfuzzi space-$22 a foot.

At the opening of her husband Michael’s Dallas headquarters, Kitty Dukakis said, “In 1960, a son of Massachusetts teamed up with a son of Texas. In 1988, we hope that can happen again to beat the vice president [Bush], who is also a son of Texas.” Asked which “son of Texas” might join Dukakis on a Democratic ticket, the candidate’s wife declined to name names. “But we could be spending more time in San Antonio,” she said. Henry, are you listening?