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A Bar With a View

These Clubs Offer Breadth of Vision
By D Magazine |

Harpers Corner A wall of glass outlined by strips of tiny white lights lends a spectacular southbound view of downtown.

Encounters. Lots of flashing neon and a highly energized mix of black and gray lacquer make this an upbeat spot for gazing out in many directions-the south, east, and north walls are solid glass.

Laurels. Twinkling white lights strung on towering six-foot ficus trees, a harpist strumming away angelically, wonderful deep chairs, and richly upholstered love seats all set a romantic, refined mood for taking in the stars.

Top of the Dome at the Hyatt. Sure, its a tourist’s delight (your waitress will gladly sell you a T-shirt), but there’s no place better to check out the rotating scenery of the city and all its finer points in between.

Nana Grill. Located on the twenty-seventh floor of the hotel, this dimly lit lookout is as cushy as it comes.