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“How many stories do you see that take the NCAA manual-approx-imately 400 pages of constitution, bylaws, executive regulations, policies and resolutions-and ask, ’How many of these things have anything at all to do with the student’s education, instead of things like keeping the playing fields level?’ A cynic might conclude that the purpose of this document is to guarantee equal competition and financial rewards for Division I schools.”

-SMU president A Kenneth Pye,in The New York Times

“The US. was asking the Soviets to give up real weapons, already deployed at great expense, in return for the US,’s tearing up a piece of paper. Washington wags said it was like the Redskins trying to persuade the hated Dallas Cowboys to trade Tony Dorsett for a future draft pick.”


“What the Eastern press doesn’t understand is that while [house speaker Jim] Wright’s ambitions are national, his philosophy is Texan. And Texans don’t give a hoot about questions of ethics and judgment.”

-William M.Adler (a Texan)

in Regal-die’s