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INDEX A Valentine Price Guide

By Lucie Nelka |

Roses: A dozen long- stemmed red beauties in a vase, $55 plus $4 delivery charge; in a box, $50 plus $4 delivery charge; in green tissue paper, $47.50 (you deliver) at Kelly’s Flowers.

Chocolates: One pound of Godiva, $22 at Neiman-Marcus.

Parfum: One ounce of Tif fany. $200 at Tiffany & Co.

Engagement ring: Three heart-shaped diamonds with a total weight of 1.48 carats $13,360 at Bill Noble Rare Jewels.

Boxer shorts: Washed silk in black, red. and royal. $40-$50 at Tie-Coon Trading Co.

Personal enlightenment course: “How To Find A Lov er,” $21 plus a $6 registration fee at The Learning Annex.

Romantic films: Love Story, A Man and a Woman, or Endless Love, $3.24 each for two nights’ rental at Blockbuster Videos.

Airplane: To pull a banner reading “Will you marry me?” $200 for twenty minutes (four to five passes over the proposal location) through Sky-Lines.