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Organizers of the first annual CityFaire, held in mid-May, are still fuming over the turnout for the event, which didn’t come close to projections. Mayor Annette Strauss and the Convention and Visitors Bureau asked that the event be moved up a year to coincide with the Pow Wow, the travel industry’s convention here, hoping to up the cultural quotient and wow conventioneers. CityFaire organizers hoped that some 1,800 Pow Wow participants would show up for at least one of the main CityFaire events. As it turned out, almost none showed up. . .

County Commissioner John Wiley Price recently lambasted Southwestern Bell officials about the cover design on the new business and government pages directory. If you’ve seen it. you know that the cover apparently depicts some kind of march of progress in communications. A black boy holds a kid’s backyard tin-can phone, a white girl chats on a basic home unit, and a Hispanic girl fiddles with a computer. Price says the cover implies that black kids aren’t as intellectually progressive as white kids. Bell officials responded by announcing the formation of a training course on black and brown cultures for its employees and promising to be more careful…

City Hail sources say it’s a good bet that Dallas’s new police chief will be black and will come out of the Washington, D.C., area. Supposedly, the current D.C. police chief, Maurice Turner, is the favorite of City Manager Richard Knight The rumor is that Knight has met with Turner two or three times in Dallas since June, and that Turner has only a slight edge over Knight’s other choice, a retired general and military provost officer from the Maryland area, who’s known as a strict disciplinarian. . .