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President’s Memo

By Richard J. Meyer |

I invite you to tune to Channel 13 during August for a full month of TV worth watching. We’ve put together a great lineup, with nature specials, dramas, comedies, performance specials, and all the other programs thai you tell us -with your financial support, letters, and phone calls -you want to see on Channel 13.

Something we know you want to see on Channel 13 is great movies, and this is your month. In a historic gesture of unprecedented unity and generosity, every commercial television station in the Dallas/Fort Worth market has donated a motion picture from its program vault to Channel 13 for airing this month. (See story beginning on page 120.)

This is your chance to see, in one week beginning Sunday, August 14, such classic films as Gigi, Oliver, Sergeant York, The Alamo, and a host of others. For their support and friendship, I sincerely want to thank general managers Bill Baker of KDFW Channel 4, Frank O’Neil of KXAS Channel 5, David Lane of WFAA Channel 8, Charles Edwards of KTVT Channel 11, Dirk Brinkerhoff of KTXA Channel 21, John McKay of KDFI Channel 27, Gayle Brammer of KDAF Channel 33, and Ted Norman of KXTX Channel 39.

Other highlights to look forward to during Channel 13’s August blockbuster include Simon and Garfunkel’s unforgettable Concert in Central Park, a new All Creatures Great and Small special, and the premiere of Tom Peters: New Leadership Alliance.

August also is convention time for the Republicans, and 90.1 is the station to turn to for the latest coverage. Throughout the August 15-18 GOP gathering in New Orleans, National Public Radio’s award-winning news staff will provide regular reports on the goings-on, as well as the background features and penetrating analysis 90.1 listeners expect.

See you at the movies.

Best wishes,

Richard J. Meyer