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Feedback On “Nightlife”

My compliments to you on the recent “Where’s The Party?” article [June] and thanks for including Joe Miller’s in the middle-aged bar tour. We are definitely middle-aged. Overall I thought it was a fun, accurate assessment of the Dallas bar scene. The description of the Terilli’s martini was irresistible-I don’t like martinis but I went by and had one. Thanks again.

Linda K. Miller

Joe Miller’s


I was somewhat amazed by “Where’s The Party?” In “Great Drinks #2,” the section dealing with sazeracs, you omitted the Fairmont’s Lobby Lounge, which for the past nineteen years has offered guests that famous New Orleans drink. You might inform your reporters that the sazerac was in fact discovered or created in New Orleans at the Fairmont Hotel.

Overall, it was an entertaining, informative piece, but I am curious as to why the Fairmont never received one mention. I know about trendy bars-I covered clubs, bars, and entertainment in Dallas for more than ten years for the Dallas Times Herald– and I fully understand that fashions come and go. But for almost twenty years now the Fairmont has remained a grand lady, who was instrumental in offering Dallas haute cuisine, spectacular entertainment, and the first deluxe meeting and convention facility. The hotel, in short, is an institution and I regret that she was overlooked once again.

Mike Alexander

Director, Public Relations and Promotions

Fairmont Hotel

We feel the Outback Pub is more than “only a little bit Australian.” We lived in Australia all our lives prior to moving to Dallas in 1978. The Outback provides Australian hospitality, service, and a fun atmosphere. Your article also implied that we are not crowded compared with Dick’s Last Resort. Our popularity has steadily increased and we have been exceptionally busy on weekends and in fact often have waiting lines to get in the front door.

Gini and Craig Gooden

Outback Pub

Although I enjoyed your “Where’s The Party?” articles, I did have trouble with one area: The Best-Looking Bartender In Dallas.

While I agree that Barri Murphy is attractive, I think D only covered half ’the story. I want to know who the best-looking male bartender in Dallas is. When you find out, let us (the female readers) know. Thanks.

Carolyn Herter


As a local music/nightclub critic, I thumbed through your recent cover story with something akin to deep chagrin. I could really lay it on thick here, but I’ll at least partially demur. I am, you see, certain you’ll receive plenty of rage-filled response from those nightlife subgenres you so cavalierly stomped or merely shrugged off with a wink and a nudge. (At whom were you targeting this piece of fluff, the Piano PTA? Wait, what am I saying? Of course you were.)

You have, with no seeming provocation, chosen to engage in literary fisticuffs with the local nightclub scene, and I feel for ya. I think you’ll find that the folks who run and patronize our after-dark establishments take their way of life as seriously as you apparently don’t, Best buckle up, kids, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Clay McNear

Dallas Observer

Condom Contradictions

How contradictory, your editorial comment about Ann Ellison, who died of AIDS, with the incongruous statements of Steve Finley, who wants to make using condoms a “cool” thing for kids (“Inside Dallas,” June]. As stated in the Surgeon General’s report. “Understanding AIDS,” condoms are not foolproof, so Finley’s appealing advertising won’t be so cool to the unfortunate young person after the fact.

It is too bad D had to give him a platform to make another million off the immature.

J. Rodgers


Lessons Prom The Police Crisis

Re “Inside Dallas,” June: let us hope that all Texas cities will learn a moral as well as a practical lesson from the current predicament of the Dallas Police Department. Prejudice, incompetent leadership, inconsistent application of policy, and inability to police itself will eventually result not only in public outcry, but also in outside intervention (interference) intended to remedy the problem.

Is a citizens review board the answer to the problems of the Dallas Police Department? If it is, we should ask if a citizens review board is also the solution to the problems of the Fire Department, the Health and Human Services Department, or any other government agency that is not adequately carrying out its mandate.

It seems to me that a city service that provides such important functions as law enforcement and community protection should be held accountable for its own behavior and quality of service. Only the most competent, moral, impartial, and credible need apply or be considered to run the police department. A Lee Brown type should absolutely be considered. A police chief should be the brain, heart, and soul of this most significant community service.

If this standard is not applied in a search for every police chief in every city, the door is left open for malcontents like Diane Ragsdale who will capitalize for their own purpose on the city’s vulnerabilities and create the degree of divisiveness we have seen in Dallas. A citizens police review board is not the answer. Let us all learn our lesson well.

Vivian E. Wolfe


One Man’s Manse..

As a member of the Standing Committee of the Hollywood/Santa Monica Neighborhood and chair of the Heritage Subcommittee, I was certainly not pleased to learn that Hollywood/Santa Monica had been named an East Dallas “hot neighborhood of the Nineties” [“Madness in the Housing Market,” May], In addition, I would like to point out a few factual errors in the article.

The boundaries of the neighborhood are East Grand on the south, Valencia/Sarasota Circle on the west (inclusive), and the Santa Fe tracks on the north and east. Corona Street is located in an adjacent neighborhood, Gastonwood/Coronado Hills. “Manses along the Country Club” are located on Brookside Drive, in a similar but grander neighborhood, Parks Estates. The houses with views of the Lakewood Country Club in Hollywood/Santa Monica (along Santa Fe Avenue) sell in the range of $100,000 to $140,000 and do not qualify as “manses.” For the record, I believe you will find that most houses in the neighborhood already have central air.

Robert B. Parks


The Way We Were

Great touch. “The Class of ’68” headline [May] said it all-“We were dreamers. . .” You left me wanting to read more (the mark of a great editor, right?). Studs Terkel ought to take note: The Class of ’68 would make a good book.

Lute Harmon

Publisher, Ultra Magazine

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